Motivational Monday #4

Motivational Monday #4Source: Pinterest

Lately I have become such a negative nancy. Like seriously, I have become the kind of person that drives me mad. I am the kind of person who lets one little thing ruin my entire day. And I take that bad mood out on everyone. I sometimes feel so sorry for the people I come into contact with on those days. I am sorry.

I hate this side of my personality that has seemed to consume me. People always used to comment on my happy nature. How nothing phased me, and I could turn any situation positive. Including some pretty dark things. People used to praise me on my strengh. On my ability to laugh. On the fact a smile never left my face. But I don't seem to be that person anymore.

However, it's motivational Monday. And this image will hopefully knock that negativity out of my mind. It will hopefully knock it so hard that it will smash into a thousand pieces. Wouldn't that be nice? Infact, that would be bloody lovely.

Although I am mostly positive about big, dramatic things that have happened in my life (I believe there is always someone better off, and always someone in a far worse position) I do let little things get me down. So for this week at least, I am going to try and look on the bright side. If my train is late for work, then I was clearly meant to have a few more minutes to browse bloglovin at the station. If my cat is poorly, then it is a good reason to give him extra cuddles. That kind of jazz.

I hope I stick to it. Even better if I keep it up.