Motivational Monday #3

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This is one of my favourite quotes. Actually, it could well be my favourite quote. It is more of a mantra to live by than a quote by never mind.

Firstly, I really believe that you can never be over educated. I don't think you ever stop learning, and if you do then you're doing something wrong. There is so much to learn in life, and this doesn't just mean academic education. Although, academic is personally my strong point. I am about to start a foundation degree, after finishing my level 3 apprenticeship and A Levels before that, and GCSEs before that. I must enjoy studying or something. But along side that me and MT have decided we want to explore learning languages. I also want to learn how to drive. Learn how to cook more foods. I want all the education I can have, because this leads to experience and I want a life filled with enriched memories. Is there anything you want to be educated in? Secondly, it is just obvious that you can never be overdressed. Being over dressed is better than underdressed in my opinion. I think that it is important to always try to dress well, you never know who you are going to meet. I remember Tyra Banks once told a story about how she met a future client on a plane and got booked for a job there and then. So just keep that in mind when picking an outfit out.