Motivational Monday #2

IMG_1546How cute is this image? I love it! I have always been quite a positive person, I think. Until maybe the last year, where I let little things get to me. Which drives MT mad, because he is like Harrie come on, it's no big deal. Whilst I am like crying over my hair being static.

I do think my mood depends on my morning. If it get out of bed and have a good morning, I am set up for a good day. But if I get out of bed and feel rushed and nothing goes to plan, then I have a really shit day and the world really gets on top of me, and it is no fun. Plus I think that I have SAD, because I moody for like the whole of winter. Not just moody, but I really go into myself and it will take the smallest of things to make me cry and want to go into hibernation. Nothing anyone says or does works and it just isn't good. So my motivational Monday today is going to try and tell me to get up, no matter what time of the year or what kind of day it is, and put on my postive pants. I am going to try and see the bright side of life (na na, na na, na na na na na na). I plan to do this by breathing every time something doesn't go my way, because life isn't designed to be perfect and things do go wrong, but it shouldn't ruin my day. Also, I am going to keep reminding myself of positive things that happen to me. Maybe I will write lists to remind me, maybe I will carry round photos that make me happy. Or maybe I will just look at my instagram more often. Either way, positive vibes for me from now on.