Motivational Monday #14

MotivationGuys, this is number 14. And its the 14th. I love it when that happens! So exciting.

Today is my first day of Uni, and it is also sad because it is no longer my birthday. Major sad face. Can it not be my birthday everyday? Please!

Anyway, on to Motivation. I am guessing lots of you are going back to uni this week, or even if you are just starting your week at work, we all need some cheering up. I think this quote says it all really. Not much else to say. I am a very stubborn person, and I don't really like accepting that I am wrong or apologising. I am not confrontational anyway, so I do let things slide, but I don't forgive people easily. This is bad because although you shouldn't be a walk over you shouldn't live your life being stubborn and angry at people.

I often think that there are worse things in the world than someone not texting you back, or eating the last chocolate. Maybe we all take life a little bit too seriously and we forget how short life is. We need to stop being negative and release the positive. My friend Lisa actually started a hashtag on instagram which is #sharethepositive and is filled with people doing positive things so go check that out!

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