Motivational Monday #12

Motivational Monday 12 I am back with a routine. It's Monday and here is my montivational post. That's always a good start to the week.

Today's motivational Monday is slightly based on a conversation I had with a colleague last week. We were quite openly telling each other that our own minds are our biggest obstical in life. We were both saying that we can feel quite trapped with in ourselves, not wanting to go out and have fun because we have this niggling thing in our head telling us not too. I was saying that sometimes I want to cancel plans because I just can't face going, then I have to really tell myself 'go! You will regret it, you might have fun'.

It is true that your only limit is yourself. With in reason, you can do anything you want to in life, very little stops you doing anything. But the mind tricks you, it tells you that you aren't good enough, or that you would be happier if you stayed in or that you don't need to push yourself. When in reality pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can make you happier and proud of yourself.

So today's motivational challenge is to do something this week you are unsure of. Push yourself a little bit out of your comfortable place. Just do it. What's the worst that could happen?

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