Motivational Monday #1

Okay. So. This is one of my favourite kinds of posts to read, especially on a horrible Monday morning when I am tired and grumpy and just want to give up on life and crawl back into my bed. So I thought I would have a go at this. If reading one of these style posts that someone else has written brightens my day a little, I hope reading this will brighten yours too. *inserts all the cute emojis*

Head full of fearsSource: Pinterest

I thought I would start with this image, because it is something that is really relavent to me right now. I have always been really ambitious. Other than when my life ambition was to be a cleaner, which is bonkers because I am rubbish at cleaning and hate doing it, good one Harrie. Anyway, I have always dreamed high and wanted the best in everything. I think this has partly to do with how competitive I am. I like to be the best at everything.

But recently, I feel like my dreams aren't as high as they used to be. Like my confidence has been knocked slightly. I find myself constantly thinking, but that dream will be very difficult and there will be hundereds of people wanting that same dream, what are your chances? And its all because I am scared. I have always been scared of being told off, that's why I was so good at school *cough*teachers pet*cough*, but now I am scared of all rejection. I hate having any form of confrontation, and I think when chasing your dreams in a career sense it is so important to stand up and not have fears stopping you, and make jumps that are scary but rewarding.

So I really need to stop letting those niggly little fears stop me from chasing my dreams. Who says I can't one day work for myself? Or earn a shed load of money doing something I love? Yes it may be improbable, but not impossible. If everyone thought they couldn't do it, no one would have a job as companies wouldn't exist. I think it is so important to go for something if you have passion. I have been told so many times that enthusiasm shines through, as well as solid experience and confidence.

So, just some food for thought.

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