Motivaional Monday #5

IMG_1538How amazing is this quote? It's not very motivational so, sorry about that. But it is important, so yeah, I'm going with it. This is the kind of thing your Mum tells you when you go home crying from school because someone's being mean. It's the kind of thing that your nan tells you when you have a break up. It's the kind of thing you pass on when someone is down. But it's the thing you should remember everyday. Every single day.

I think that life is too short. It can be taken away so soon, I think everyone has learnt that lately. I believe in trying to lead a positive life, where I am surrounded by positive people and am in positive situations. I don't think anyone should have negativity around them, what's the point? But it is something I see often. I see people trying to be friends with people that are no good for them, or struggling in relationships that are breaking the person that they are. It's not good. I am not saying that my life is perfect, and I am positive all the time. But I do try really hard to have a happy life and I do this by surrounding myself in happiness. If I think someone is a 'joy stealer' they don't stay in my life for too long. However, I am the kind of person that wants to do everything for everyone and sometimes that means that I let my happiness slip. But I am lucky that I have people close to me that are brave enough to say 'Harriet why are you doing that for someone that would never help you back in return?'. Therefore, I now find myself in a positive position where I am in a happy place snuggled amoungst happy people.

So yeah. Read this quote. Embrace it. Remember it.

Maybe theres some joy stealers you need to get rid of?