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My BlogWhen I started blogging, I didn't really know what to expect. I read a few blogs and knew that I enjoyed to write, then it kind of grew from there. However, the more I have gotten into the blogging world the more it surprises me. It is huge. Much bigger than I ever imagined before. I mean, there are millions of blogs. There are blogs about every subject you can think of. Blogs about how to make a blog.

People blog for a whole host of different reasons, a few make their living out of it, some do it as a personal diary and others just kind of sit somewhere in between.

I read blogs from all ends of the spectrum. From people that are doing (and earning) amazing things, to people that might just blog once a month about what they have been up to. I read people like write every single day, and people that write once a week.

But I started to feel a little bit lost with my own blog. Like I was overwhelmed and frustrated with it.

I feel like there is a lot of pressure, and I don't even know where it comes from. But there is a pressure to make it successful. It is like everyone is fighting for the glossiest content, and if they're not then they are fighting to be the most 'real' person on the internet. I feel like there are so many people that it is almost a competition, and I got caught up in that.

I became obsessed with views, and likes, and comparisons.

It made me stressed and overwhelmed. I mean, didn't I start this to do as a fun, creative outlet? A nice hobby to take up my free time? It suddenly became a burden for me. I would beat myself up for not posting constantly, and feel down when a post didn't do as well as I hoped for.

So I've taken some time out. A step back to reflect on my little place on the internet.

I don't have a niche, or even a genre. I just want to write about my life, and if that it boring, then so be it. I found that concentrating on just beauty was boring, and I don't have the time, patience or confidence to be a full fashion blogger. I also don't think I have the wisdom to be a totally real blogger full of advice.

I just want to make this a log of things that I enjoy. Maybe the odd negative thought, or stressed out rant. I want to document my feelings, but also keep memories stored on here. I want to make this a Harrie blog. Not anything else.

I really am going to stop comparing, because whats the point? Those bloggers that I compare to are themselves, and I am me. So I need to make the most of what I have going on. If this blog goes somewhere, great. If not, then I have a nice place to look back to in the few years.

Now, queue the posts!

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