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img_3438 I read an article written by Dawn O'Porter (who I love) recently about her obsession with the word love, and how she uses it so frequently in conversation without thinking about it too much. She talks about how she was once, as an insult, told that she uses the word too liberally and this was something she doesn't think is possible. She talks about the relationships and things she loves. And well, the whole thing really got me thinking about my own relationship with that particular four letter word.

I have been told myself, on more than one occasion, that I over use the word love. I remember one specific conversation with MT when we were joking around and he said his love for me is much greater than mine for him, because I use that word so much that it begins to lack some meaning.

And although I do understand that point, and I can see why it does start to lose its emphasis. I can't help but just love the word love. For me, I feel as though for many things in my life, the word like is simply not enough. I am quite obviously an emotive person, and when I really really like something. There is just no better word.

Even though most the things I say I love are phases, or are things that aren't necessities in my life. Like a lipstick for example. If you take it away I'm not going to be heartbroken, and my life probably won't change all that much. But when I use it, the way it makes me feel just evokes an emotion from me. And I just can't explain it in any other way that 'I love this lipstick'.

Of course you love your family, your partner and your friends. That's a given, right? This love is a deep bond like no other, because these are the people that provide the back bone to your life. The people that make you feel safe, secure and wanted. The people that help you with your problems, and celebrate with you on your successes. And without these people, then yes you probably would feel your life change and you would feel heartbroken.

But why should it be wrong to love other things? Even if they don't have the same impact on your life as the people closest to you.

Dawn talks about the love you have for people you barely know. How you can meet someone in passing and have a conversation with them for 15 minutes, but come out feeling totally inspired and connected. For that time you have loved that conversation and loved the time you have spent with them. I thought this point was so true, and I wouldn't be able to begin to count the amount of times I have experienced this.

The internet is a wash at the moment of people complaining that we no longer 'share the love' and negativity is all around. And maybe some of this comes from the fact that we don't use the word love enough. I mean, when have you ever reacted negatively when someone told you how much they loved your top, or bag, or shoes? Or even to be told that they love you.

I'm sorry but I can't help but think that if we all used the word just a little bit more then there would be a few more smiles floating around. So I am with Dawn on this one. I don't see the problem with using the word love if it is going to make the world a little bit of a better place.

So yes, go and tell everyone you love them. If you read a post you love, then tell the writer. If you love someone's insta shot, tell them. Just go and spread the love.

Let me know how you get on too. (And if you loved this post)

P.s I used the word love 21 times in this post...

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