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Sweets and treats at CostaI feel like we need to catch up. Don't you? I don't feel like I have been blogging how I wanted to for a while. I have been inconsistent and lazy and just generally unmotivated. But I hope this will change. I feel like I have turned a little bit of a corner, and well I hope it sticks. I hope I blog how I want to blog, and stop comparing myself. Yes. That old chestnut. Life's one big comparison. But it doesn't have to be.

Life lately has been a bit of a funny one. I don't really know how I have been feeling.

I have been really busy. I feel like I say that all the damn time, but I honestly have been. But on a positive note I have completed my first few assignments towards my degree, plus I finished my last bit of my apprenticeship and I have some holiday coming up at work. So life is looking up.

I have been feeling down as of late. I don't know why really, maybe its a little bit of SAD, maybe it's my lack of sleep or maybe I am just ready for some down time.

Remember when we used to complain about school? Pfft. I would do anything for those half term holidays and 3pm finishes. Now it's all about working over and looking forward to those 22 days off a year. How depressing does that sound?

Anyway, life.

Being busy wasn't all about deadlines and hard word. It has also involved some lovely things too. Me and my aunty had a little meet up in Manchester. We caught up on a lot of things, browsed round the shops and had a re-fuel at Wahaca. Oh my. I had never heard of Wahaca before, but it was my kind of pace. Amazing Mexican street food which was delicious and the staff were amazing. The girl who served us could not have been nicer. Lunch at Wahaca I also was given my belated birthday present which was this set from Benefit. I love it! It is so beautiful, and there is nothing in it I wouldn't use. You know how sometimes you can get sets and there are a few things that you know you will never use and you're always a bit unsure why they even include them? Well this isn't like that. In fact I think I have used the eye shadows every day since. Please tell me that you can buy this separately? Benefit Gift Box Christmas is also just around the corner. I am in full swing of it (almost). I mean, I have been having the odd gingerbread latte and listening to Band Aid every morning. If that doesn't say I am Christmassy, I don't know what does.

I managed to squeeze in another trip to Manchester too! Manchester twice in a month. Impressive stuff. But this time it was with my best friend, which is always a little dangerous. Instead of browsing I feel like we did serious shopping. But it was one of those really annoying times where you have money but don't see anything to buy. I did pick up MAC Diva though, which I love. It is so beautiful! Oh, and we had Pizza Express... IMG_2901 On another happy note. I participated in a Children In Need event at work, and we managed to raise £600. It is such a good cause and I am so happy we did so well. Let's just say there will be a few boys with pretty smooth legs walking around sunny Todmorden...

And finally, my clothes show tickets arrived! I actually won this on Coffee and Cosmetics blog, and I am so excited! More on this to come I am sure. I have wanted to go to the clothes show for years but never made it, but this year (with a little help from Jess), I am finally going. Wahoo! Tickets for the Clothes Show Live How's your life been lately?

P.s did it snow for you this weekend? Snow fall in Todmorden

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