Let's Talk // Harrie Catches Up

Let's Catch UpSo those of you who are fairly observant, or you know check this page regularly, may have noticed that things have been a little quiet on here. So I thought I would just do a chatty, talk kind of post. Catch you up on the life of Harrie Harb... Firstly, there is no real reason why I haven't posted lately.

I was getting a little cross at myself for not posting regularly, or following a schedule. I was getting cross at the fact I wasn't progressing as fast as I wanted to. And like I have said on here so many times before, I was getting cross because I was falling into the cycle of comparing myself.

So I took some time off.

I didn't set a date of when I wanted to be back, I just knew that one day I would wake up and want to write again. And I did. So yes, I am back. With what I hope is a more positive attitude and you know what, those people that read my little old blog seem to enjoy it. So may as well carry on doing what I am doing.

It is a Harrie Harb blog after all. No one else can say that...

So. In the time I have been away I have done a few things!

I passed my theory test, which was a huge personal achievement. I have been told for years to just get it done, and learn to drive. And I finally am. I passed first time, which was a huge confidence boost for me. I didn't pass by much, but a pass is a pass and I will take it!

I am a really nervous driver and lack confidence. But I am new, and I am getting there.

Also, I completed my first year at uni with a 2:1.

The results came in on Monday, and I kind of knew that was what I was getting but it was nice to see it properly. Again, another really big personal achievement because I put a lot of pressure on myself and uni has been harder than I thought it would ever be. I work a lot, and I go to uni part time, and I continue to blog as much as possible. It is tiring but hard work pays off and I am so proud of myself for sticking at it.

Finally, I became a football fan - well until the Iceland thing happened. I became very interested in politics (who didn't) and I spent a lot of time with friends and family. It has been a good few weeks, but you will probably read more about that in a few days when my June Favourites goes live.. *hint hint*.

But for now, I think that is you all caught up!

What have you been up to lately?

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