Lets catch up


2015 round upOver the last few days I have been seeing lots of posts, both blog and FB status', of people doing a round-up of their 2015. Obviously the majority of them have been really amazing and positive things, and it got me thinking about my 2015 and what I have achieved this last year.

Firstly, I started harrieharb.com. Starting this blog was actually my new years resolution from last year. Along with learning to drive and having a healthier diet. Lets just say I am VERY proud of my blog because well.. the other two things didn't happen. But aside from it being the resolution I kept to, I am really proud of it. I was really nervous about telling people I was writing but the feedback I have had from people I know has been so lovely. Plus, I have really loved getting to know fellow bloggers and the sense of community it has.

In my professional life I have achieved quite a lot too, although sometimes I don't give myself enough credit or really look at what I have achieved. I took my one-year-only contract and turned it into a 4 year contract. I managed an event that was way bigger than anything I have ever done before and I even travelled with my job. Living the dream.

Also, I finished my apprenticeship and started a degree. One that I never pictured myself doing or thought I could but it's happening and so far so good. Although I haven't done things the conventional way I don't think its a bad thing and things are starting to work out well.

In 2015 me and MT completed a full year of living together, and we are both still alive. I think that is an achievement to top all achievements. Also, we went on a super amazing holiday to Tenerife and I have to say I have so much fun when we are on holiday together. I can't wait for more adventures to come.

To be quite honest, 2015 wasn't really the year of huge accomplishments. But I don't think that means that it wasn't successful. I think that I started a lot of things and made a lot of small steps to make the next few years even more incredible. Although it wasn't a very exciting year to round-up it was a very happy and content year. For me, it was the first year in a few years that didn't have any major bumps. It was the year I felt like I was growing up and getting my shit together.

Now just to continue on the same path. Or at least pretend to..

(Today I left the plastic wrapping on an oven pizza, so maybe not)

Here's to 2016

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