June Favourites! // Harrie's Month


JuneSo, lets recap. In June, I took some time out of my blog. I also had two trips out for cocktails, saw my beautiful niece, watched England draw, win, draw, lose. I also got really angry about politics, worked a lot, chilled out and passed my theory.

It has been a very busy month, but productive to say the least. As always, the busier I am the faster the time goes. I feel like summer will be over soon and I haven't even had time to think about it. Let alone update my winter wardrobe!

Now we are all caught up, on to the favourites.

The TV Show

I wanted to call this a TV show but I guess it isn't.. Although it is shown on TV. My favourite thing this month has been the football! Which is really weird because, well, I kind of dislike football. I just don't get the hype and often find it quite boring. But with England I get more into it. England feels like more of a community vibe and everyone watching is wanting the same result.

I know we're not in it anymore, but I have enjoyed watching it with Matthew and our friends. It has been fun, and involved one very drunken night...


We saw the cutest little chick on our walk on Sunday. (I think it's called a gosling).

 The Picture

This month I captured this gorgeous photo of two geese and their little gosling. It was so cute seeing them waddling down the canal towpath. Even if we did get hissed at a little bit...

The Product

My favourite product was one I picked up in Chester. It's the Revlon Colorstay. I have found myself reaching for this so much this month, and blended in with a beauty blender, it is my favourite base of the moment.

Really nice coverage, but still looks and feels like skin. It doesn't break me out and it lasts all day. I am really enjoying using it right now, and can see why it is such a blogger favourite.


The Food
Unfortunately there are no photos. But I couldn't not mention it, I visited the Leeds branch of Fazendas this month. Oh my... the food there is insane. It is a meat restaurant, where meat is served on swords, and they serve it at your table. You get whatever comes around, and whatever you like. Steak, chicken, gammon, sausages. The belly pork was out of his world.
Plus they have the most amazing salad bar with olives, garlic mushrooms, stuffed peppers.. the list is endless!
 Drink Favourite
The Drink

My drink obsession throughout June has got to be these iced coffees. It's so weird, because I'm not a coffee lover. In fact, I only really like a latte. But these just taste amazing.

I started off getting them as part of a meal deal, but I am tying to eat a bit better, and I still find myself going to pick one of these up. They are probably horrendous for you, but they are the perfect little afternoon perk and I am truly obsessed.

Go get one, ASAP!

The Activity

My favourite activity has really been just taking some time out from putting pressure on myself. I spoke more about it here, but I have really enjoyed reflecting a little bit. And spending evenings just watching TV or playing on my phone. No guilt, just plain relaxing.


What were your June favourites?

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