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July FavouritesJuly has been a bit of a funny one. I feel like I have worked really hard this month and not really had much time for myself. There were a couple of people on holiday at work so I was covering for them, plus some really busy events.

But on the other side, the weather has been really good recently, and I even have a little bit of a tan going on to prove it. It was also Matthews birthday which was lovely, although we both had colds which was a bit of a downer.

Finally, the last few days of July we spent in Whitby, North Yorkshire on a mini holiday. Matthews parents went away there for a week, so we joined them last Tuesday for a few days. I had never been, but I am now in love and can see why so many people love it there. More on that trip to come soon!

Onto the favourites.

The TV Show
I have been massively contemplating whether or not to put this in my favourites. Mainly because it isn't something I would recommend. It's cheesy, and quite childish and to be honest not the best TV I have ever watched. But this month I signed up to Amazon Prime, and whilst scrolling through all the TV shows and films they have to offer, I stumbled upon Awkward.
It said it was an MTV show, and I thought it mus be fairly decent. Me and Matthew ended up watching four series in like 4 days, or something equally as ridiculous. It is really light hearted, funny and silly. It is like being back at high school, only the drama is 100 times more intense.
If you are looking for something to pop on in the background, that doesn't require you to stare at the screen and memories every characters name in order to understand the plot, then this is the show for you! Just easy watching, with a few giggles thrown in for good measure.
July Photo Favourite
The Picture

We went on a little holiday to Whitby, and although there is a full post on its way, I thought I would just put this little gem up in this section. The North Yorkshire town is just too pretty!

The Product

This isn't a produce in the sense of a beauty item, like I would normally feature here. But it is something that has changed my life. I finally went to get my eyes tested this month and just like I guessed, I need glasses. And I needed them ASAP.

The lady in the opticians helped me choose my perfect pair, and I have had nothing but compliments. I love them, and I am loving being able to see the TV again without squinting. Ahh, the simple things.

July Product Favourite July Food Favourite

The Food

My favourite food this month is again one from our trip to Whitby. We, of course, had fish and chips by the sea and they were some of the best fish and chips I have ever had. I had fresh Whitby scampi, whilst Matthew opted for traditional Cod and chips.
Served with a little squeeze of lemon, a little lot of salt and vinegar and a slice of bread and butter too. Yum!
The Drink

Hmm, it seems as though coffee is becoming a regular occurrence for this section of my favourites.

This month was Matthews birthday, and for one of this presents I ordered him a coffee machine. After a little research I decided on a Tassimo machine, and well, I certainly haven't regretted it. The pods are slightly on the pricey side, which means we are limiting the amount of coffee we are drinking but boy, they are yummy.

It is also really nice to have the house smell of coffee too!

July Drink Favourite July Activity Favourite

The Activity

You can't go to the seaside and not play on the 2p machines. Surely that illegal.

We had so much fun in the arcades over the last week. We are even now proud owners of a minion and a wolf teddy. Plus, we both have slightly lighter purses after spending way too much time glued to the different games they have in there. I am sure that I will never learn that you never win on those games.

Although I did beat Matthew at Mario Kart - just saying.

What were your July favourites?

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