January Favourites


DSC00311We are one month into 2016, now there's a scary thought for you.

I feel as though the sun hasn't really come out this entire month. I seem to be living in the dark cycle of getting up, going to work, coming home and going to bed. I am going to make more of an effort to get out of the house in February.

Saying that I did go to Bruges, and I have had a lovely month without any real problems. It has just been a really content month. Here are a few of my favourite things from it...

The Show This is probably a really boring answer if you have been following anyone on twitter lately, but this month has been about Making a Murderer. We still haven't finished it but I have had so many conversations about it already. Did he do it? Was he framed? Guilty or not guilty? So gripping!

The Picture DSC00475 IMG_3546 (2)

The Product I treated myself to a Sony A5000 compact system camera and also a 50mm lens. So far I love this camera so much, I love the way it takes photos and I love how compact and easy it is to carry round. Probably all of my photos will be being taken with this now, and maybe even a vlog or two in the future. Who knows?

The Person This month I think my favourite person is Liv from What Oliva Did. Her blog is amazing. Her photos are all really bright and sharp, she styles herself really well and she is gorgeous. Her instagrram is to die for and she definitely makes me feel really inspired.

She also has a YouTube which is really, really great. It has a mix of fashion, vlogs, baking etc. Really love her at the moment!

The Outfit DSC00111 I think this month is a little similar to last month in the fact that I have been loving warm and snuggly outfits. I have been obsessed with high neck/roll neck jumpers and have been pairing them with everything I can. I really love this outfit of a black roll neck, burgundy cord skirt, really thick tights and a hat. It just seems right for this weather.

The Food 12446216_561994263965890_1423891475_n Slightly strange, but I have been obsessing over jam this month. I love jam on toast, which probably isn't the bets way to start the day. But when its cold outside and you want something warm and sugary then it just has to be done!

The Activity I really don't want to bore you, but Bruges was my highlight of the month. I loved it and you can probably tell from all the posts on here. I loved it so much, and can't wait to book to go away somewhere again soon. I love seeing parts of the world.

What are your favourite things about January?

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