It's a Rocky Road...


Tanya Burr Rocky Road AttemptThis weekend I did something I never do. I baked.

MT did ask if there was something wrong with me, and was a bit distraught at how much baking costs. Who knew that cooking was expensive?

Anyway, I am saying I baked but really no oven was involved. And I feel like it was the kind of thing that a mummy would make with a toddler because it involves little skill and nothing dangerous. So it was obviously perfect for me!

I made Rocky Road.

I watched Tanya Burr's rocky road recipe video, whilst I was starving and then for the next two days straight all I could think about was chocolate, and cookies and marshmallows. It didn't help that we had a huge jar of marshmallows on the kitchen windowsill just tempting me. So I knew that I had to make it!

It is so easy to make. If you are a rubbish baker like me, or just want a simple and quick recipe then I definitely recommend this.

You need:

350g of Dark Chocolate 250g of Cookies 4 tbs of Golden Syrup 150g of Marshmallows 150g of Butter

Then all you do is melt the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in a pan. Mixing the ingredients togetherBash up the cookies so that you ave a mixture of crumbs and bigger pieces. Cookies for Rocky RoadThen once the chocolate mixture has melted mix in the biscuits and marshmallows until everything is covered in chocolate. Finally, put in a baking tray lined with baking parchment. Pop in the fridge for two hours and then you have the amazing rocky road! Rocky Road Mixture Warning! It is so chocolatey and can be a bit sickly so make sure you cut your pieces quite small. The finished Rocky Road I like to have a piece with a cup of tea, in front of the fire whilst watching TV.

Perfect winter night!

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