How I would spend £1,000,000

How I would spend a million I thought this would be a really fun alternative way of doing a 'get to know me better' post. Plus I don't think I have seen anyone else do this kind of thing, and as it is something I day dream about all the bloody time, I just thought it would be super fun.

I got the idea from a documentary that is going to be shown on the BBC soon, or maybe it has already been shown, so yeah. Also, I took a financial test on the BBC and it got me thinking about my spending habits and all the 'what if' questions that comes with it. So, here we go.

1. I would buy a house. Probably 4 or 5 bedroom, detached which where I live is about £250,000. 2. Book a Florida Holiday. Disney, Orlando, Miami beach come at me. I reckon £10,000 for me and MT together.3. Buy us both a car. I would love a Fiat 500 and MT would probably like a BMW 1 series maybe. So like £25,000(? I have no idea how much cars cost). 4. Pop some in a pension fund, and save some for a rainy day. £250,000. 5. Give some to my brothers. £100,000. 6. Book InterRailing for three weeks round europe. £5,000. 7.  I would put some away specifically for future adventures. Like California and New York, maybe Oz. £50,000. 8. Who knows if I will have kids, but if I do I would like to set up some savings for them. £80,000. 9. Pay off my degree upfront £7,200. 10. Shopping spree, obvs. £20,000. 11. I would give some to my local hospice, that means so much to me. £20,000. 12. Invest some. I don't know what. It just seems smart. £50,000. 13. A huge family holiday, where everything is paid and everything is fun. £15,000. 14. I would put some away for all the little things that happen throughout life. Going out for tea, going to blackpool, visiting family. £100,000. 15. I would give away to people in my life that need a little bit extra in their lives, like little acts of kindness. £10,000.

Total = £992,200

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I definitely challenge everyone to give this a go. It's harder than it looks.

*I haven't actually won this money, and if I did this is subject to change. It is not a definitive list.