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July Photo Favourite If you didn't already know from my Instagram or previous blog post, I went to Whitby on holiday last week. It was a little family trip, with Matthews family, and I had such a lovely time.

Growing up we always used to go abroad for our holidays, and anytime we took a trip in the UK it would be up North to visit family. But I now live in that town we used to visit, so it is not longer a holiday. So, this trip was a littlebit of an experiment for me. And I was pleasantly surprised.

We were fairly lucky with the weather, just a few bursts of rain but a lot of sunshine too.

Today's post is just a little photo diary that I've put together from the snaps I took whilst I was there to show you what we got up to, and show you the beautiful scenery. I hope you like it! July Food Favourite DSC01948 DSC01954 DSC01967 DSC02016 DSC02006 DSC01999 DSC01985 DSC01944 DSC01934 DSC01978

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