Here's to 2016


Aspire to inspireIt wouldn't feel right to enter a new year without talking about resolutions. I don't know if I fully believe in resolutions as such, although I try make them every year. I kind of think that they are the thing that everyone makes every single year, only to break them after a week and then forget about them come February 1st. However I do think it's a good thing to re-asses yourself every now and again. It's good to have a think about what you would like to do to better yourself and improve your life. Maybe even set yourself some goals. So there really is no better time to think about these things then January.

My first goal is for this lovely little place on the internet. I haven't been posting nearly as much as I would like, and it is really silly. It is basically because I am lazy and I keep getting my head stuck in comparison. I need to keep reminding myself that this is my place on the internet, and it's for me to do and write what I want to. I shouldn't compare to other people's internet spaces.

So. I want to post here at least twice a week, if not three or four times a week. I am going to plan posts and try and get ahead of myself. I don't want to put too much pressure on myself, but I do want to create more content and better my blog. I want to see where I can take it, and I want to get myself out there. Also, I want to try more things. More kinds of post, and just see what works and what I enjoy doing.

My next few goals are the goals that MT calls the 'things you always say you are going to do' goals.

I want to live a little bit healthier. Yes, I do want to shift a few lbs. I don't think that anyone should feel pressured into losing weight and I am not saying that I need to lose weight. But I do think everyone has a weight they are comfortable, and it is relative and personal to that person. I am not at that comfortable weight and I would like to be. But it's more than just that, my diet is so bad and I think it shows in my skin, hair and just in every day activity.

My next goal is learning to drive. If I don't do this soon then I don't know if I ever will. I am not in a position where I can really afford a car, and the insurance on MT's would probably be very expensive too. But once I have a licence I have it. And then I can get a car as and when. It is just something I keep putting off and I need to do soon.

Finally, I just want to lead a more positive lifestyle. I am often described as a positive person and it is a trait I love about myself. However, recently I feel like I have been a little negative. I have been getting quite stressed out about little things. I nearly cried when I burnt some plastic the other day and life has just seemed to have had a little grey cloud around it. That is not the person I want to be, so I am going to try and make more of a conscious effort to be more positive. Life is too short after all.

So there you go, bring on 2016!

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