Harrie Wears: March Make Up


Make upMy make up collection is expanding at such a rate that it scares me a little. And I have lost count of the amount of times that Matthew has rolled his eyes when I have returned home with yet another boots bag. But you know I really enjoy make up, and since blogging about it I look at it in such a different way. Like I have more opinions on the products I am using.

I don't even know what I am saying now.

Anyway, I thought I would do a little post about what I have been wearing and loving this month. I don't tend to change my make up drastically everyday, I wear the same stuff and then I might change little things like an eye shadow or mascara as I go along. So it doesn't vary everyday but I would say month to month it changes and I use different things.

Here is what I have been loving in March, and some of the products are new but some you will recognise from my other posts I am sure.

3 Blush and Highlight

These two Topshop products are new editions to my make up collection and I am so in love. I have never tried any Topshop make up before, but I have heard so much about it. Fleur talks about it non stop. Actually, I don't remember seeing or hearing anything bad about their products.

I really wanted a highlight. I do own a few highlighters but nothing I am in love with really, and I know that this highlighter is one of the most purchased items in Topshops beauty department. I have to say it is quite WOW. It is definitely a highlighter that is quite in your face and I have been using it sparingly for a day time glow, but then I pack it on for a night time look. It is quite shimmery, but not overly gittery. I don't think you have the chance of being mistaken for a glitter ball, put it that way.

It is just a beautiful champagne-y skin shimmer.

I have also picked up a Topshop blush. This one is in Dream Phone and I really like it. I am always drawn to the darker pink hues over the coral blushers, and this one is such a beautiful colour. I didn't realise when looking at it in the pan, but it had a little bit of shimmer running through it too. There isn't too much shimmer, but I have been using a matte blush lately, so I noticed it quite quickly. It is nice though, it gives the skin a nice glow.


Lips, Mascara and Concealer

Of course there are some staples in my collection. I always have a black liner, and this month I have been really enjoying doing a thinner line than normal. Since my face has had a little more shimmer, I decided to make my liner a little bit more natural. I do it really close to the lash line to just give my eyes more definition.

Then I coat and re-coat my lashed with the Revlon Mascara that I am obsessed with, I have spoken about it far too much lately. I am so in love with it I feel like I need to go buy like 20 just in case I am without for any reason.

Also, I have been really getting into the Collection lasting perfection concealer, I think the shade is slightly too light for me which I sort of like because it adds a really brightening effect to the skin making my eyes look much brighter and more awake. It also adds a natural highlight down my nose and where ever else I use it giving a really glowy and bright look. Shadows Of course my Naked palette is in there. I have been going for Sin more and more this month for a more rosy and shimmery look and I have been absolutely loving it. Really fresh and bright.


What have you been wearing this month?

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