Harrie Wears: H&M Foundation


Foundation 2FYI, this was purely for photographic purposes. I do not keep my foundation on top of flowers. I picked up this foundation in Bruges, when I realised I had left mine at home and the thought of having to go 4 days without any foundation terrified me! However, I didn't want to spend a fortune and was looking for an easy option. So I headed to H&M because I saw a store and thought it would be a good opportunity to try one of their newly launched beauty products. I picked up the shade warm beige, which is a more pink toned shade.

Firstly, I really like the packaging of this foundation. It is plastic, so I find it perfect to take out and about with me. It's lightweight for one, but it is also very durable - there is no chance I will smash it with one of my clumsy moments. The branding is also very minimalistic, which I really like. It looks more expensive that what it is.

The product is quite full coverage, but it isn't super matte, it has been described as a satin matte finish. I do think it does have a matte texture but it almost has a slight glow to it. It comes out quite thick, thicker than a light weight foundation, obviously. But it isn't the thickest foundation I have tried either. It doesn't feel or look like I am wearing a second skin, which I can find happens with a lot of full coverage foundation. Instead it is very comfortable and easy to wear with really good coverage.

The formula does that blurring thing that makes your skin look very even toned and naturally flawless, which is something I really like. It does a pretty good job of staying on all day, I find I need to top it up around my mouth and nose around late afternoon. Which is pretty normal for my skin.

I would not recommend this for dry skin types, because I think it could be 'clingy' to dry patches but for all other skin types I think it is a really nice foundation. Also, the colour selection is good. I think there are 11 colours in total, and I found my perfect shade straight away.

I have been using No.7 Beautifully Matte foundation for years, and I really like this as an alternative because it just isn't quite as heavy and thick. It is nice to have a slightly lighter foundation in my collection. Plus, picking up pretty much the exact same shade was a bonus.

It is £7.99 - so really affordable and I personally think this would be a good dupe for those of you who love Estee Lauder Double Wear, but want something slightly lighter but still with good coverage and a much nicer price tag.

I will definitely be trying more H&M beauty soon!

Have you tried any H&M products?

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