Harrie Wears: City Break


DSC00358It is January, it's cold. Like, really cold. I'm not complaining because I love winter and all it brings with it - other than rain. I could definitely live without the rain.

However, I just love clothes in the colder weather. I love wrapping up warm with a big scarf and oversized jacked. Especially when it is bright and sunny outside. I really do think this is the time of wear I enjoy putting on clothes the most, and I put much more thought into what I am wearing.

DSC00361 DSC00364 This outfit is pretty simple, but really warm.

The main part being my grey oversized boyfriend coat. I love this coat but it is starting to wear. The felt material is going fluffy. I have paired it with a grey smock dress, thermal tights and a big scarf.

To brighten it up a little, I added my Marc B messenger bag which I love because it fits everything I need in it including my massive purse and my camera. Also, I picked up this hat from HM lately, I have been lusting after these hats for months. I love the colour and the little bow details, however I am not sure if it suits me. What do you think? DSC00185 DSC00366 DSC00365

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