Harrie Wears: Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks


CoverI picked these up recently, kind of on a whim, kind of thought out. Well, I wanted a liquid lipstick but I wasn't sure what I wanted, what brand or what colour. Then I accidentally ended up in boots and well.. I picked these up and didn't really know what to expect because I hadn't heard much about them. Since then I have been rewatching old Vivianna Does Makeup videos and now I feel like I am far more educated on the product than I probably need to be.

They are seriously good, but I can see them not being for everyone. They are interesting.

They have a formula like nothing I have tried before. It does on like a wet gel texture but not sticky at all. It is wet but not glossy. And then once you have the product on and have layered it to the opaque-ness that you want you leave it for a minute or so. Then it goes like this powdered matte texture and it does not budge.

The colour is there for a good few hours no matter what you are doing. It is one of the only lip products that I own where I can put it on and have a drink and not see my lip marks on the glass, which I think is successful.

But to me, the best thing about these lipsticks is the face they do not dry my lips out. I can get that matte look that I really want but I can wear it comfortably. I am not wanting to get it off my lips immediately, and more importantly, they don't make my lips look cracked and peely. They just look nice and the colour looks good too.

So the two colours I have are:

Don't Pink of ItDon't Pink of it This is the pinky nude tone one. The colour is really nice and really easy to wear, it is pink enough for it to look like your are wearing something but nude enough to not look over the top. I find it goes really nice when you are in the mood to wear slightly more eye make up. Obviously, like I said it is a matte formula, so I find it has quite a dusky finish on the lips. I really like it, I have been wearing it a lot.

Grand CruGrand Cru This shade is a classic Harrie shade. It is a dark red, I have mentioned before that I think the deeper hues suit me much better than bright reds. This is quite dark but really classy and sophisticated. Because the colour is so bold, I find that I have to layer up the colour a bit to get the finish that I want. And also, it is quite easy to make mistakes so you have to be careful when applying, but the applicator does help with this because it is quite small. This colour would look amazing with a little black dress I think!

Swatches So yes, I would really, really recommend this lipstick and for £8.99 it's great value for money.

What do you think to liquid lipsticks?

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