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DSC00679I wouldn't say I am one of those people who watches a lot of TV. The TV in our house is always on but I wouldn't say we actually watch it alot, it is more there for light and background noise. I am always on the laptop doing work and watching YouTube. It is almost like the TV will one day be extinct.

However, there has been some great things on TV and what I have been watching I have been really enjoying. Hopefully this will give you some ideas for some shows to watch soon!

Super Vet For those of you who don't know, Super Vet is about a super vet. He really is super, he makes like little knees for guinea pigs and crazy things like that. It is a real tear jerker of a programme, so be warned. But it is also lovely, and it does make you feel good by the end of the programme! I love watching all the happy animals. It's good for the soul.

BBC Internet Documentaries BBC 3 have done a whole internet series exploring all different areas of the internet. The two I have watched so far are Em's Internet Trolls and Jim Chapman's Rise of the Super Vlogger. I loved both of them and I feel like I really learnt something from both of them, and I felt like it was showing people that aren't as social media involved the negatives to being a blogger/YouTuber. I also really liked seeing my twitter feeds fill up with lots of support and lovely messages about them!

First Dates This is the show that really makes me glad that I am no single. Dating is tough. However, this show is just so entertaining! It is just lots of blind dates that have been filmed and then are shown. I really do love the ones where they both like each other and want to see each other again, and I really like the ones that are disastrous too because it is so funny! I am a people watcher too so I like to see everyone's personalities, especially the really extravagant people. Just great TV watching!

Happy Valley Happy Valley was on last year, and it is a thriller series on BBC1. It is filmed near where I live, and some of the new series was filmed near my work. In fact, the building I work at is where they stored the props and ate lunch. So it is pretty local. But it follows the life of a police woman, and the first series was amazing. It was really gripping and thrilling, without being too scary. I recorded it as I was busy on the nights it was on, so me and MT ended up watching the whole first series in a night because it was so gripping. I have high hopes for this new series!

What have you been watching lately?

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