Harrie Wants: Ladies Day


DSC00869Now that spring has officially sprung, the summer clothes have started to come out to play. This exctited me so much because I love summer patterns, especially when the floral patterns come out! I really like florals, and pastel colours. So yes, I am very excited for the change in weather. Of course, this time of year means the horse racing begins. I am not really a gambler, I do the lottery but that's all. However, every year I love to look at all the ladies day outfits. I love big hats and pretty dresses. I love watching all the women struggle on the soft damp mug in their sky high heels. I love how classy and sophisticated it looks. It is like the dressing up is an event in itself and I absolutely love it.

I could quite happily go along and partake in the dressing up and looking gown up bit. But as soon as it got into the horse racing, I would be lost. I regularly cheer for the wrong horse and choose my horse depending on how much I like the name, or the jockys jersey.. Fashion life.

Anyway, this year I have put together a little bit of an outfit inspiration of what I would wear if I was going to the races this year. And heck, I might just buy this outfit anyway because I absolutely love it. It mainly consists of black, obviously. But the blush hues make it look summery. I just think it is the perfect outfit! Oh, and it has a fascinator because it's ladies day after all.

PicMonkey Collage

Skirt - New Look Bag - Topshop Shoes - Dorothy Perkins Top - Miss Selfridge Fascinator - Asos

This post has been done as part of the Ladbrokes Ladies Day campaign, if you like this outfit as much as I do then please vote for me via the app and help me win tickets to Ladies Day. I am not sponsored, I just love Ladies Day and wanted to be part of this awesome blogger campaign. Go see what others are going on the app too!

What would you wear?

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