Harrie Travels: Things to do in Bruges


DSC00163Bruges is the most captivating and beautiful place I have ever visited. I had the best time there.

The weather wasn't fantastic, it was extremely cold and the ground did not dry the whole time we were there. But non the less, it was so special. Every street we turned onto was just as beautiful as the last. I really didn't want to leave.

Here are some of the things we got up to whilst we were there, and hopefully it will give you some ideas if you are thinking of visiting the city soon. (Which, BTW, you so should).

1. Beer Museum


DSC00207The beer museum was my favourite activity by far. When you go in you are given an ipad mini and a set of headphones. As you go round the museum you scan the barcodes that are underneath the artefacts and more information flashed up on the ipad. The museum is really, really interesting. Even for someone who doesn't really like beer.

2. Bell Tower


DSC00163 Ok. Confession. I didn't like going up the bell tower. I got really claustrophobic and my fear of heights kicked in. It was all a bit of a fiasco. However, Matthew really enjoyed it and he did a really good job of stopping me from crying.

I did really like the lower levels of the tower, and it was really beautiful. Matthew also took some amazing pictures from the top which I am so thankful for. I would recommend this for people who are not scared of heights, stairs or narrow places. It is spectacular, but it wasn't for me. haha.

3. Dumons

DSC00245DSC00320 Dumons is one of only 18 artisan chocolatiers in Bruges. It is also one of the cutest and most picturesque shops in the world. From the outside it looks like a little house in the middle of these big buildings (reminded me of Stuart Little) and inside is filled with really amazing chocolates. The staff are lovely too, and are more than happy to hand out tasters. We came home with a lot of Dumon chocolate.

4. Boat Tour


DSC00311 The boat tours are only open on a weekend, but they are a must! It costs 8 euros for half an hour on the river, but you see so much. The tour guides translate into a few languages, but they add humour into the tour. Non of them have any qualifications but they have great knowledge of the area.

5. Benvenutos

DSC00100 I have a food post coming up, but this place is really good! It does beautiful Italian food for a really great price and amazing portions. It is super yummy and just off the Markt which is the main square in Bruge. You really must go eat here if you can.

6. Have a waffle or two

DSC00257 You can't go all the way to Belgium and not have a waffle. It also must be covered in chocolate sauce and some form of cream. I would recommend either Australian Waffle for a quick snack to take with you on the go, or Prestige if you want to sit down in a chocolate shop and really enjoy your sweet treat.

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