Harrie Loves: Revlon Lip Products


COverIs it just me or are Revlon killing it at the moment?

Right now, Revlon are my favourite drugstore brand by far. All of their new releases are just making me so happy and getting me so excited. As you all know, I love the new All-In-One mascara, I don't think I can talk about my love for that mascara any more.

But what has made me really fall in love with this brand is their lip products. I first picked up the Colorburst Matte Balm on a Vivianna Does Makeup influenced spree, and it has quickly become my favourite lipstick. Probably of all time, even over my NARS Audacious which is quite a big statement.

Matte Balm

The first thing I love about this product is how easy it is to apply. The packaging is in this chubby stick style, and I find it is just the easiest way to apply lipstick. Much easier than a bullet I find. Also, it is really easy to spot in your handbag, I think because it isn't a tiny lipstick but a more chunky product it is much easier to find and I think that always makes a winner. Finally, it smells like peppermint. I kid you not, it smells amazing and it gives your lips a bit of a tingle when you apply it which I kinda like.

Matte Balm SwatchI have the shade sultry, which I think is my perfect shade. It is a dark pinky nude colour, that is a bold lip but isn't too bold that you can't wear it in the day. It kind of sits somewhere in the middle. And I find that this isn't too far away from my natural lip colour, so when it wears off it does it in a really natural way. I don't find myself worrying that my lipstick looks horrendous.

The formula of this is amazing too. It is really moisturising, like a balm but it looks really matte. So I love it, because I find matte lipsticks too drying and uncomfortable to wear but this is my ideal. I never find it drying, it stays really creamy but it has that lovely matte finish.

The next lip product I own that I love is the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor. I picked this up for a couple of reasons: 1. I am all over the liquid lipstick hype at the moment. 2. I saw these everywhere and just needed one. 3. I heard they smell nice, and that makes me happy.

Although I had seen them everywhere I didn't really know much about them, but I knew the fact that I had seen them everywhere was a really good sign and a sign that most people were really enjoying them.

HD MatteI picked up the colour Seduction, are you sensing a saucy theme with these lip names? I didn't even notice till I started writing this. Maybe there is something on my mind...

Anyway, the real reason I picked up this colour was because I always seem to reach for reds or berries, which are great and definitely a signature of mine, but they aren't as wearable. I work in an office and lead quite a causal life, and I want to expand my collection to reflect that. You can't own too many every day shades, right?

This colour is a really lovely wearable pink with brown undertones, which is really on trend right now as the 90s look is having a bit of a moment. It goes on like a gloss with a really sticky and highly shiny texture, however when left to dry or patted into the lip it turns into a matte texture and the colour sticks around. I have ate, drank and talked the night away with pigment still visible. HD Matte SwatchI am obsessed with both of these and have been rotating them on a daily basis.

What are your opinions of Revlon lip products?

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