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Night Out BagI couldn't really tell you how it happened or why, but as of late I have become quite the social butterfly. Which has meant a fair few nights out and finally I feel like I have got my evening bag down to a tee. In fact, I think I can pack it in about 0.386 seconds now... I have been out a few times for meals, or for evening cocktails and I have been really enjoying getting dressed up. I have been spending a bit longer on my make up and hair, and putting some more thought into my outfit. And then well, feeling pretty good about myself. Revolutionary.

But I always find that the more I try, the more I then want to keep looking good as the night wears on.

Therefore I always carry a few essentials with me, just in case. Yes, I am that girl. With the products. Just in case.

I also have the actual essentials too, so lets start with those.


I am desperate for an Oliver Bonas card holder for this kind of occassion, as I am aware I need something smaller than my beloved Ted Baker purse when I am using a small bag. But for now it does the job and houses all of my cards, ID and money. This takes up the most space in my bag, but really I guess that it is the most important for a night out.

I also always have my phone. Mainly for emergencies, and you know, snapchat.

If a night out isn't snap-chatted these days, is it really a night out?

Oh and a key. Of course. To get into my house.

I can never find this because it is always right at the bottom of my bag, covered in products and hidden amongst loose change. Ooops.



Okay, onto the interesting bits.

I always have powder with me. This is because nights out are usually crowded, and I have a fairly oily t-zone and it has just become a hand bag must!  This no.7 translucent powder is my favourite one because I can keep layering it throughout the night and I don't get cakey, and my skin doesn't go a funny colour.

Also, I always have whichever lipstick I am wearing with me. Even if it is a nude, because well, sometimes you really need it. I often top up my lipstick if there is an awkward silence, after I have eaten or when I remember. I am still obsessed with this Rosie HW lipstick in Silk Rose, so that has remained in my bag lately.

This is a funny one, but I always take eyeliner and mascara with me too. I never really use them but I always get this fear that I will get rained on or something and need to do an emergency touch up. Or maybe I will get really tired and need to make myself look alive again or something. I don't really know, but I still find myself putting them in.

Finally, I pop in whichever foundation brush I used when applying my make up because I find it still has enough product on to see me through the night for small touch ups and it saves the hassle of carrying round a foundation bottle. I really like the expert face brush at the moment, plus it is pretty small so can be put in without taking up too much room.

Make Up

So there you have it. My night out bag contents.

Do you take anything I have missed out?

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