Harrie Eats: The Ram


DSC00766 Just to forewarn you all, the photo's didn't come out quite how I wanted them. This is for two reasons. One, it was dark and rainy and we just wanted to get in the building as fast as possible. Two, because it was super busy and everyone was looking at me, so I got camera fright!

However, they are okay. And in a review, it's the words that count. Right?

The Ram Inn, Cliviger, Burnley is somewhere I have been a handful of times and to be honest, over the years it has been a bit hit and miss. Sometimes I have been and it has been amazing, and others not so much. But lately I feel as though it is on a high streak, and the food has been very good.

This time was the first time I have been on a Sunday, and it didn't get off to the best start. Firstly, we walked in and it was really busy, so we were unsure whether we should just go sit down or ask to be sat down. So we went to the bar and got a drink and then asked if we could sit anywhere. The girl behind the bar was lovely, and explained that yes we could however there was a 35 minute wait on food, and they were sold out of roast dinners. So definitely not a great start.

DSC00760 DSC00763 We sat down and then realised that there was a Sunday only menu. Which was fine because there was a few options, but a lot of the options were roast dinners. Not ideal when we had just been told that there were none, but I guess that is the problem you are going to get when you go to a pub on a Sunday night.

DSC00768 I ended up going for a burger and my friend picked the hunters chicken.

It definitely did not take the 35 minutes the girl had previously explained, it seemed to come pretty quickly. I was really impressed with the presentation, it looked lovely and more expensive than what it was. It tasted good, as good as a standard burger can. The chips were pretty standard too. But the relish, the relish was lovely! Perfectly spicy and sweet and just really, really yummy. DSC00759 I really like the Ram, the staff are always really lovely and it is beautifully decorated in there. I will be going again, but I will probably go when it is the normal menu as opposed to the Sunday only one because there was limited choice, even more limited by the roast dinners being sold out.

Have you tried anywhere new lately?

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