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DSC00548I think the biggest part of going on a break, or a holiday, or even just a night away, is the food. Eating is a big social activity, or at least it is for me. I really enjoy looking at different places to eat. To be quite frank, I just really enjoy food, so it made sense to do a whole post on a few of the places we ate in Bruges.

I thought this would be helpful for people researching the city and looking for some inspiration.

Benvenuto is an Italian situated just off the Markt in the centre of Bruges. It is really easy to find and I am so glad we went. The food in Bruges is quite expensive and it took us by surprise. However, Benvenuto's is really reasonable and it is just as beautiful inside as some of the more pricey restaurants. The food there was delicious too with really big portion sizes. A definite must if you are looking for somewhere to eat for dinner. DSC00099



Panos is a bakery style cafe, which we found on the 'high street' in Bruges. However, we realised on our way back to the airport that it is a chain and they are all over Belgium. Looking online, I think they might be in France too but I'm not sure. However, this was the perfect place to get a light breakfast/lunch. The food was really yummy and everything is baked fresh so it smells incredible. I had a bacon and cheese panini, but is came filled with brie and sweet mustard. It may have been my favourite sandwich I have ever had. I loved it. DSC00484

The Beer Museum

This isn't food but I had to include it. The bar in the museum is so amazing, I actually told Matthew that I think it is my 'happy place'. You don't have to do the museum tour to have a drink here, but I would really recommend doing the tour. If you don't want to do that, they do a deal where you can try 5 beers for £10. There are 16 beers to choose from, all different strengths and flavours. It is a really fun activity to do, and it has a really chilled atmosphere. DSC00224


Prestige was the first place we had a proper Belgian waffle. I said that I could not leave Bruges until I had a Belgian waffle, so that is what we did. As soon as you walk through the door you are blown away with all the beautiful artisan chocolate. We both opted for a waffle with ice cream and chocolate. The waffles were pretty big, so I was so stuffed by the end. But they were beautiful. DSC00260

Ellis Bruger

This was a trip adviser find. We were both in the mood for a burger and this was really highly rated. It was about 5 minutes from our hotel too, which was an extra bonus. Ellis is really cool inside, with lovely little touches like an Ellis Burger newspaper and cool pendant hanging lights with graffiti styled writing on the wall. Ordering is pretty easy as there isn't loads of choice, but everything sounds delicious. I opted for a Louis cheese special and Matthew had bacon burger. We both ordered a side of chips too. I think this was my favourite restaurant we visited as it made me feel a little bit cool, and it was really filling too. DSC00271


Australian Waffles

I had to mention this because of the photo at the top. This was my favourite waffle of the whole trip - and there were a few consumed. It is a little take out waffle place with loads of choice of topping. They warm the waffle up and then cover it in whatever you like. I had milk chocolate and cream and it was delicious. We took this and ate it in the Markt whilst watching the world go by. Perfect. DSC00546

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