Growing up & learning lessons

downloadI was sat at my desk the other day listening to a couple of my colleagues talk. They weren't talking about anything particular, probably about their kids or what they were getting up to that weekend. But it got me thinking about their situations and their job roles.

First of all, I am the youngest person in my office by about 15 years. So the rest of my colleagues have more life experience then me, and they all tell me lots of stories and give me lots of advice. That is something I am really grateful for, and I am definitely learning a lot from them.

Also, I am at a point in my life where I left school a couple of years ago now. And I have been working full time for a while, plus I now live with my boyfriend. My life just feels like its been on fast forward and I am suddenly the grown up that I never thought I would be.

In the last year or so I have learnt a few things about growing up and being an adult. Things that they never teach you in school, and things that took me by surprise.

Firstly, recently I have discovered that no one really has a plan. In school it is all about the plan. They tell you to choose your GCSE's with a career in mind, then they tell you to choose you A Levels in accordance to a degree, and then finally they tell you that you have to go to Uni to have any chance at a career.

However, when you leave school you begin to realise how little of that is true. Very few people have a direct plan. I mean if you want to be a doctor, or have a very specific career, then of course you have a plan because you have certain path you have to follow. But a lot of people just take a risk and hope it pays off. Most people just fall in to jobs and as they learn more about themselves they learn more about the career they like and what they enjoy doing.

Also, people that do have a plan, their plans change all the time. Their lives get in the way and their likes and dislikes change. For example, someone can have a plan to be an events manager, however as they grow older and their personal life changes they realise how unsociable the hours are. Then they decide they want kids and they start looking for a less demanding job. And before you know it their plan isn't the plan they originally planned. Does that make sense?

It seems like adults don't even really believe their adults. They seem calm and in control on the outside but on the inside they are totally winging it. I even said to my colleague 'are adults just winging it?' and she replied 'yeah, totally, all the time, I just hope for the best'. Which I just loved. It is reassuring for sure.

I think that the job you have is less important but being happy at work is everything. You spend a lot of time at work if you think about, so I do think it is important to be happy at work. It doesn't matter if you don't have an amazing job title or earn a fortune. Sometimes it is so much better for you if you have a job you enjoy and are happy.

Something else I have learnt is that I really do still have my life ahead of me. From time to time I am a bit hard on myself. I think that I should have my life sorted by now, I should know exactly what I want to do and everything I am doing should be leading somewhere. But the more I speak to said adults, the more I learn that it is ok not to have it figured out, and I will get there it just takes time. Success is patience and hard work. Rome wasn't built in a day and all that jazz. So yes, I need to lighten up. 20 is young and I do have time.

Have you learnt anything whilst you have been growing up?