Harrie Uses: Fudge Clean Blonde


DSC01361I have been toying around with blonde hair now for around 4 or 5 years. I have been a variety of different shades from platinum, to mousy brown, to ombre. And the one thing I always struggle with is brassy tones, I always find that my hair wants to go into a warm shade rather than the cooler hues I am after. It doesn't help that during this time I have repeatedly put darker and warm tones over the blonde, only to want the blonde back a few months down the line. This means that I am constantly stuck with months and months of unwanted brassy colours throughout the midlengths and ends. So annoying.

Right now my hair is a kind of ombre long bob style, although I don't think it is too ombre, I think it has more of a rustic messy grown out blonde effect. I really like it, although I think I am going to grow it out again. However, the thing I have found is my hair just refuses to stay cool toned.

My hair dresser recommended these two products, which are the Fudge Clean Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner, because they are the most purple purple shampoo on the market. She explained that they are way more pigmented and therefore do more for your hair than any that you can buy in the supermarket. So I was sold immediately. DSC01359

DSC01360 They are a little on the pricey side at £15 for the set (£9.95 EACH on feelunique!), but equally they aren't the most expensive on the market either. And I do think they work, and they last ages. My last set lasted me around 3 months which is pretty impressive - although the conditioner ran out much faster than the shampoo. But I don't think I have ever found a hair set where that doesn't happen. Seriously, they need to make conditioner bigger!

I have found they have really helped to keep the blonde in my hair going for longer, and it has meant I can leave it a little bit longer inbetween appointments which saves me a little bit of money. DSC01364 I have very fine hair, which goes greasy fairly quickly and doesn't like to hold product. I have found that my hair feels really clean when I use these and really soft. The product somehow seems to stop my hair feeling dry and dead, which is pretty amazing when you are using bleach.

Also, it doesn't make my hair feel heavy or like I have packed on lots of product.

I really like what it has done for my hair, and happy I have repurchased. Once again, my hair feels amazing.

What are your recommendations for blonde hair?

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