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5 good thingsI feel like negativity has been rife lately. Especially in the blogging community. And when I see negativity, I start to feel negative too. I've also been feeling quite down lately, maybe its because of the time of year or even just hormones again. So, I thought today I would do a post where I just look at some positive things that have happened lately. Sometimes just taking a step back really helps you to see that it isn't all bad.


I have been learning to drive for a couple of months now, but it didn't seem to click until just recently. I don't think I have had a really bad lesson, I mean I haven't crashed or anything. I have always just been really nervous and overly cautious. However, in the last couple of lessons something really clicked and I feel like I have definitely improved. A positive with my test looming and all.


How cliche of me to talk about the weather. The fact it is sunny is a massive positive for me though. I just think the world seems a little bit nicer when it's sunny. Everyone becomes happier and I don't know, the vitamin D must help!


I have been filling up my diary with lots of little fun celebrations as my 21st birthday looms. I am so excited for the next few weeks, and just know that I am going to have the best time. Crack open the champagne!

Home Cooking

If you have seen this post then you will know how I have been trying my best to eat a bit healthier. One of the biggest benefits of this is the home cooking. Me and Matthew have been cooking everything from scratch, and although it doesn't always work out the way we want it too, I have felt so much better for it. I am less bloated and feel like I have more energy. Huge positive!


Okay. Not a traditional positive thing in the way the ones above are. But with a house to save for, and a holiday to pay off, I have been spending less on clothes. As the seasons change I like to update my wardrobe, but as I am watching my money, TopShop just wasn't viable. However, eBay is the winner. I have picked up so many items for less than £5. I feel like I have had a total wardrobe refresh!

Have you had any positive things happen lately?

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