Five Fortnightly Favourites

Five Fortnightly Favourites

I'm really not very good a these kind of serial posts, I have tried quite a few times and failed. But I am hoping to keep this favourites series quite chill and by doing it fortnightly I think there should be enough things for me to talk about.

I don't particularly want this to be in a specific category, just very chilled like I said, and therefore these will include absolutely anything that I have truly been enjoying throughout the past couple of weeks.

Now that annoying lil' ramble is out of the way lets just get straight down to it.

1. My little car

I know that I have already spoken about my journey to getting to the point of being able to drive, and you can read all about that here, but I didn't actually mention my little car. I got a red Fiat 500, which has been my dream car for a good few years. It is so small and cute and I am just in love. Everyone that gets in it says how 'me' it is, and I totally get that. Also, it is called Freddie. Just FYI.

2. Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Lipstick

This lipstick is a rediscovery for me. I was sorting out my makeup collection and saw this again, when I had completely forgotten all about it and now I am back on the Estee Lauder train. My lips have been in a right mess lately, partly down to me not looking after myself properly, and partly down to my obsession with MAC Mehr which is a matte formula, but this seems to be sorting out the situation a bit. It is really nourishing and silky, but still really pigmented. I just love it.

3. Finishing an Assignment

The end of uni year two in in sight. I just handed in the most horrific of assignments that involved tears and a few new grey hairs, but it is done. Submitted. Gone. There is no better feeling than knowing you no longer have to stare at your computer screen battling with the horrid thing. Hallelujah!

4. These Very Boots

I have been searching for a pair of pointed leather (or fake leather) ankle boots all winter. The only pair that even came close to fitting my description was the Acne Jenson boots, but this girl is not going to splash out £400 for a pair of boots no matter how nice they are. So I gave up looking. That's when I stumbled upon this pair from Very. Let's just say they arrived yesterday...

5. Date night

Me and Matthew headed out for a little meal for two last week, which is something we never to. Between work, uni and social lives its easy for us to only see each other in passing. Plus we have been trying to save like nothing else lately, so spending money on nice meals kind of got replaced with home cooking. Which is fine, but sometimes it's nice for someone else to wash up.

The food was great, the cocktails were better and the company was pretty good too.

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