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Career ProgressI never really let my age affect me, I mean surely I have youth on my side after all. However, sometimes I find myself thinking 'darn it, if I was just a bit older'. Especially when it comes to work. I have been working since I left sixth form. I went straight into full time employment at the place where I had my part time student job, and then not long after I went into an apprenticeship with my current employer. I'm no longer an apprentice, but I do find that people look and treat me like I am.

I'm not talking about my colleagues, all of whom are lovely. But by other people, when I am networking etc. I am almost 21 years old, I realise this is still young, but I have been working full time for 3 years, part time for 3 years before that. I have studied to a high level, and continue to do so. I don't want to blow my own trumpet, but I am a bright bunny. Yet, I continue to be looked down on just due to my age.

I know that I am not alone in this. I feel almost like young people are snookered in today's working society.

There are so many young people doing incredible things, but isn't it funny that 9/10 times they are doing it for themselves. They are entrepreneurs.  It's very rare to find a young person who has climbed the ranks in a company. Mainly, I believe, because people put to much on the number of age. I mean, just because you're in your 20's your obviously not capable of anything.

When I look at jobs, at progressing my career, I often find that I am stuck because they ask for so much experience. I mean, the catch 22 is that you can't get the relevant experience because every darn job requires experience. Its frustrating.

I have such a great job in terms of work experience, I have learnt so much about everything and feel like it has really given me a taster into so many potential careers. However, when I describe my job on paper, say on an application form or CV it is hard to put myself across in a way where I can explain my experience. The job market is so competitive now that you it is so important to sell yourself on those pieces of paper.

And then comes the qualifications. You now need to be qualified and have relevant work experience to find work in a lot of sectors, and this is something that is so hard. I am very lucky that I am working towards both, but I think that's kind of a rare thing to have.

I think this rant has come from when I was doing some research into careers and looking at the job market. I am quite impatient when it comes to work because I can see myself being capable of more responsibility. I can see myself having a successful and vibrant career, but I am just not in that place yet and it gives me itchy feet. I know where I want to be but I am just unsure of how to get there.

I am working on it and I know I will get there. I just don't quite know what that next step is yet.

Have you had any career woes?

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