February Favourites!


IMG_3809[1]So although January flew by, February seems to have gone on a little bit. I feel like the last week I have been ready for March, I am ready for spring and a bit of sun. It has been so cold lately, and I can't say I have been feeling it. Also it is that time of year where you feel like you need something to look forward to, but you don't really have anything coming up. There is nothing on the calendar to get you excited. So I can't say February is my favourite month of them all..

However, it is valentines day in Feb. So that's nice.

Anyway, on to the favourites..

The Show Is it a show? I'm not sure, but I am going to put it in this section anyway. It is Serial. Now if you read my post from last week, you probably knew this was coming. But I can't get enough of this podcast, I am all over it. I feel like I could almost be a detective after listening to an episode. Although, in real life I am not very observant so probably not the best career move really.

The Picture DSC00641 My photo of the month this month isn't a photo with me in it. It is this photo of Matthews dog, and not only do I think it is really funny and cute, and it makes me smile when I see it. It also makes me feel more confident in my photo taking skills. Like I got this. This is a great picture.

The Product My favourite product this month is the Revlon All in One mascara. I am obsessed with this. I picked it up in brown black so I was put off for a while, because I only like really black mascara. But I can't tell that it is brown, and it is amazing. It makes my lashes really long and voluminous. Yeah, I can't recommend this more!DSC00851

The Person Okay so I have been following and loving this girl for a while, but I thought it is about time that I include her in a favourites because she is just the ultimate babe. Brogan from brogantatexo is a YouTuber and blogger, although she spends more time on her YouTube. She does this along side working. I find it really nice to watch a YouTuber who isn't doing the internet thing full time, it seems more real. She weekly vlogs, which is the thing I love about her. She shares her whole week including high and low moments.

I love watching her videos on a Tuesday morning whilst I am waking up and getting ready. Definitely go check her out - one to watch!

The Outfit I haven't really had a favourite outfit as such, due to the fact I have been working a lot throughout February. There has been a few late night meetings and it just feels like I have been in the office more than normal. So I am going to say that this months go to outfit is one of my favourite work ones. IMG_3752[1]

It is this grey skater dress. I have a few of these style dresses that I like to wear for work. But I picked this up off ebay recently and I really love it. The skirt seems to have slightly more material, so it is more floaty and I really like it. I normally wear it with a brown plaited belt, brown cardigan, boots and then throw my leather jacket over the top.

The Food DSC00712 My favourite food is a really easy one this month, it's Matthews creamy garlic mushroom soup. I think this is a Jamie Oliver recipe but I am not 100% sure. But it is delicious. We have made it twice this month and I can't get enough of it. It is creamy but not too heavy, and garlicy but not overpowering. It is perfect with a nice piece of crusty bread. A real winter warmer.

The Activity I really, really enjoyed Valentines day this year. So that is without a doubt my favourite activity. Read about it here.

What were your favourite things this February?

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