Favourite Brand: Soap and Glory


A review on the brand Soap and GloryI have wanted to do this post for so long because I have so many products I want to talk about, but I find it really hard because I didn't quite how I wanted to structure it. Mainly because if you know Soap and Glory you will know that they do so many products.

They do bath and pamper products, make-up and skin care mainly. But done thing that I really, really love about this brand is their packaging and marketing style. They have just a brilliant informal chatty way of marketing their products - kind of a little similar to Benefit. Some times I actually find myself properly laughing at the description of some of their products, but they are all really beautifully packaged too. Everything is super fun and bright and lovely.

So I thought it may be fun to do my top five favourite products from Soap and Glory. Here goes!

Soap and Glory lipgloss and mascara 1. Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss This lipgloss is amazing. Like I don't know what I would do without this product now. No matter what I buy I always end up going back to this product. This colour (Charm Offensive) is like a slightly bold nude. I wear this for everyday looks by applying a light layer and then dabbing it with some tissue to kind of tone it down and it leaves this lovely you-lips-but-better lipstain. But also, it is buildable and it would build up into a really bold mauve shade.

2-in-1 Fab Pore Mask and Peel & Sugar Crush Body Scrub 2. 2-in-1 Fab Pore Purifying Mask & Peel I got this because I have had a cold and been really run down. It was seriously showing in my skin. I started breaking out in a few angry red spots and my skin looked dull and rubbish. So I picked this up to help sort my skin out. I am not going to lie, this stuff is intense. It stung so much especially in areas where I am prone to spots and blackheads such as my nose and just above my eyebrows. So yeah the T-zone area. But when I let it dry and then rinsed it off it made my skin feel so soft and clean. I would definitely recommend this for people that need a skin refresh or are having a few problems with break outs.

3. Sugar Crush Body Scrub This smells so good. Like so so good. But it is a really sweet smell, as you can probably guess from the name. So if you don;t really like sweet smells, this product is not for you. It has a really thick texture with all the exfoliating beads and bits in it. So I tend to get a good chunk of this and really rub it in, especially if I am planning on using fake tan in the foreseeable. It really does feel like it is scrubbing the excess skin off, which I am we are sounds silly because, well it is a scrub. And I get out of the bath and just sit there sniffing my arm. And making other people smell my arm. Yes that happens. Regularly.

Favourite handcream from Soap and Glory 4. Super Cream Hand Cream This hand cream quite literally lives next to me. It is currently on my bed side table, but it has been known to be on the side on the sink, on the sofa and in the kitchen. I am running out of it too which is a little bit heartbreaking. It just makes me hands feel really soft and nice. I have having dry hands, it makes me feel really uncomfortable and agitated but this hand cream is the answer to all my dry hand problems. Plus it smells amazing too, obviously.

5. Thick and Fast Mascara I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this mascara. Firstly, it is the most strange smelling mascara in the world. The smell of it confuses me, it almost smells chemically. Which could put me off but the formula of this is amazing! It makes your lashes so long and so thick, like you could be wearing false lashes maybe. However, the brush is quite big which works well but I end up getting all the annoying black smudgy dots on my eyelids which is not cool. So I stop using it for a while, and then it's like I re-remember how amazing it is. It is definitely one to check out.

What's your favourite thing from Soap and Glory?

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