Everyday Handbag Essentials


DSC01031Day to day I spend a lot of time out of the house. Whether this is at work or at uni, I never really run short errands. I am normally out for the majority of the day if I am out at all, so it is vital that I have all the essentials in my bag to make sure I am covered for the day. I used to carry loads around with me, and it began to really hurt my shoulder and back from carrying heavy bags around. It really wasn't practical. I have a pretty big bag that I take to work and when that started to become to small, I knew I had serious problems.

So I have managed to make my bag a little bit lighter and to be honest, I have removed all the unneccisary crap that was lurking at the bottom and turned it into stuff I actually need and actually use.

Headphones1. Headphones I forgot these one day this week and I was so lost and miserable. They are essential for any kind of commute, whether it be walking, bus or train. Especially the latter two as you need to be able to avoid small talk with some odd folk. Headphones in, world out and all that.

Notebook2. Pen and notebook You never know when inspiration will hit or whether it is absolutely vital you need to write something down to remember it. I much prefer having a notebook and pen than using my phone for this sort of thing.

Gloves3. Gloves Okay, so this isn't essential. Especially in summer, but right now it is bloody freezing and I don't know where I would be without these smart gloves. They have the finger pads that allow you to use your smart phone. I picked these up from Accessorize and they have been a life saver.

Camera4. Camera This is probably just a blogger essential, but the days I forget my camera are always the days I want to take 942328937 photos... Plus I am trying to vlog at the moment so yeah, it is important I take my camera everywhere. Plus I am still besotted with my A5000.

Make Up5. Small make up bag This Ted Baker bag and I are rarely separated. I used to carry loads of products around. Once, I actually realised I had 7 lip products. Who needs 7 lip products on a day out? So I have seriously streamlined this and now I have just the things I will actually use in a day. Although, most of them still go untouched. I have powder, concealer, a lip balm, a lipstick, a brush and some hand cream.

Snacks and Water6. A few snacks I get hungry. And when I get really hungry, I get hangry. I can't concentrate on an empty stomach so it is important to carry some form of snack around when I am out of the house all day. Normally it is a packet of quavers or some soup if I am at work. This cute box is from Happy Jackson.

7. Water I am trying really hard to drink more water and stay hydrated, so I am reminding myself to carry a bottle of water with me and drink it on the go. So far so good.

Purse8. Purse Obviously, my purse is an essential. It has everything I need to pay for stuff with, plus I keep train tickets and advantage cards in here too. I have a habit of doing little bits of shopping whilst on my travels so I always keep my advantage cards on me, those points are important you know! My ID and Uni pass are in here too to stop me forgetting them should I need them. This purse is Ted Baker, but it is quite old and showing how well loved it is now. Might be time to upgrade soon.

So there you have my handbag essentials for day-to-day life.

What do you carry with you?

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