December Favourites


December FavouritesDon't shoot me. I know it is January, and this is late. But better late then never, right?

So here goes!

The Show I can't really say there has been a show I have been loving this month, however me and MT got some vouchers for Christmas so we went into HMV (yes it still exists!) and bought some DVDs. So far we have watched The Theory of Everything, Horrible Bosses 2 and Dumb and Dumber To. I fell asleep during the latter but I would highly recommend the other two. Also, I got the Jurassic Park box set for Christmas and it is awesome!

The Picture If a picture paints 1000 words then I would love to know what this selfie says... NYE Selfie The Product You may have noticed the Urban Decay palette in my Christmas Wishlist post, and I was really lucky and got it in my pile of Christmas presents. Well, since then it has been true love and it hasn't left my eyes since. It is the perfect mini palette. It is great to travel with and just slip in your bag because you know you have a lot of eye looks covered. But also it is perfect for every day. I have been mostly wearing frisky blended out with a thick black liquid liner. I am obsessed.

The Person I have been watching Suzie's videos for a little while but to be honest, I wasn't really a fan. But over Christmas for some reason I just got hooked. And then I started reading her blog, which by the way is the most beautiful thing ever. Definite blog goals right there.

The more I watch her the more I really like her, she is really cool but in a relatable way and I have grown to really trust her recommendation. So yeah, she's a good'en, and if you don't know who she is go check her out!

The Outfit Insert terrible photo - sorry about that. But I have been all over this outfit lately. This dress was the dress I wore for my birthday back in September, and I loved it then but I love it even more now it is a little bit colder. I have teamed it with a black roll neck jumper and thick black tights and it is suddenly the perfect winter outfit.

It's warm and snuggly enough for the colder weather but it is smart enough to wear to little parties and gatherings. Plus I feel uber cool and grown up in it, so there's that. My December Favourites Dress The Thing I had my hair chopped and coloured. I have had it cut into a longish bob style, one where it is low maintenance enough and it looks kinda good when its messy. I also went a little bit lighter and so far I absolutely love my decision. New hair

The Activity I feel like I don't have one activity for December, because there is one event that just takes over the entire month. Christmas. And I had a lovely Christmas, if you forget about the whole my town and work flooding things. I ate too much food, got really spoilt and drank a lot of prosecco. There were card games, board games and quizzes. I went out and stayed in and it was just perfect.

I really do wish it could be Christmas everyday.

How was your December?

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