Date Night Ideas

DSC00685I have been thinking about doing this post for a little while, and with Valentines this weekend, I thought this would be the best time to do it!

These are all things that aren't too expensive, they don't require you to make bookings months in advance and you could do them this weekend. (Great if you've forgotten its V Day this weekend *winkwink*).

1. Make Pizzas Making pizzas is such a fun thing to do together because it gives you the opportunity to get creative, and it also sorts the problem of what to have for tea. If you're not very good at making everything, you can buy pizza bases too. That way you don't have to spend lots of time doing them, but you are still making the topping together. It is so fun. When we made pizzas we went overboard with chilli puree and couldn't enjoy them, so there's a tip for you!

2. Go for a walk Most of us live close to some amazing places to walk, the National Trust have thousands on their website and you can locate them to your area! Walking is inexpensive and it gets you out of the house. I love going on walks with Matthew, it is just a lovely thing to do. Even better if there is a pub at the end!

3. Play a game This is a really silly sounding 'date' idea, but when you think about it, it is a really good idea. A board game like monopoly or a card game will mean that you are both off of your phones for a few hours and spending some fun time together. I love game date nights because we are both competitive and end up just laughing so much.

4. Cook This year me and MT are cooking rather than going out for a fancy meal as we are on a budget. We are making the starter together, he is cooking the main and I am taking care of pudding. This is such a lovely idea as it means that it isn't just one of you doing all the hard work and you are both contributing.

5. Have a movie marathon Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Batman. There are so many series you can do this with and it makes such an enjoyable night. Turn off the lights, put on a few candles, get a blanket and snuggle up for hours and hours of movie watching! Could it be any better?

What are your plans this year?

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