A Few Current Favourite Beauty Items

A Few Current Favourite Beauty Items


It feels like a lifetime since I just sat down and typed about all the beauty stuff I've been loving lately. Like seriously, when was the last time I even mentioned a good ol' favourite around here? .. Let's just say it has been far, far too long. I have to say that nothing drastically has changed. I am still doing my make up in the same way I have been doing since I started my blog, although probably with a sightly bolder brow and maybe a touch more bronzer. But you know, I've grown up a little...


My step-mum arrived a little while ago with a giant food bag full of Clinique products for me to try. Apparently, a girl she works with knows someone that works on a counter, and they had lots of samples going spare. Well, that worked out well for me because now I have a bag full of products to test out and my bank account is none the wiser.

I started using this a few weeks back, when my beloved Superfacialist cleanser ran out. At first it was a huge no-no for me, as it didn't seem to really do much in terms of removing my make up. However, I persevered and once I got used to how it worked, well then I fell in love. Although it probably doesn't get my make up off quite as quickly as my old cleanser, it leaves my skin feeling so good!

It doesn't leave my face feeling tight. In fact, it feels moisturised and soft, and the best thing of all, it feels super clean. It's only been a few weeks, but it is already a firm favourite. Unfortunately, it is one favourite that I cannot seem to find online. Anyone know why?


Moving onto a favourite that I have been using for over a year (what?!). I recently finished my first ever pan of Soap and Glory's Solar Powder, telling myself that I will just use my other bronzers and I didn't really need to replace it.

Oh boy. I was wrong.

I think I lasted around about 3 days before entering my nearest Boots to pick a new one up. Thankfully there was one left at the counter, and it was completely sealed, which is a miracle!

I don't know why but nothing was doing the job quite like this one does. I am fairly pale and have a slight yellow undertone to my skin, which means that I can quite often go rather orange if I have a warm-toned bronzer. Similarly, I find something too cooled toned not very flattering so I need something in the middle, and this just does the job.


I have been sniffing this scent for god-knows how long. Each time I am near a fragrance counter or store, I drag Matthew in to spray and smell it. I just could never justify the money to buy myself a bottle, but I think the amount of times I have gushed to Matthew about it wore off, as be got me a bottle for Christmas.

I am obsessed.

I can't believe how good it smells, and how long the scent lasts. I can put it on in a morning and people are still complimenting the smell well into the afternoon. I know it is an extremely popular perfume of choice but I kinda like that. I also think the hype has slightly died down and not quite as many people wear it now. Also, smells change on different people. Anyway, I digress, what I was saying is how much I am in love with this perfume. (Thank you Matthew!)


I have actually had this highlighter in my collection for ages. Both my best friend and I picked it up at the same time but I never really gave it two thoughts, until about 6 weeks ago when I cracked it out ahead of a party and I have to say the photos from that night were lovely. My highlight looked on point, if I do say so myself.

Since then I have worn it nearly every day. I use just a tiny amount for a day time look, and then I build up the glow for a more evening appropriate style.

 What are your current favourite beauty products? 

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