Blackbird Todmorden

Blackbird Todmorden Review(3) On Saturday night, I did something a little different from my recent routine of waching Britains Got Talent, followed by a movie and an early night. Instead me and the best friend got all glammed up, and ventured out to a new tapas restaurant that has opened in the centre of town. I have never had tapas before (I live in the dark ages apparently) so was eager to try it all out. Plus, the owners of Blackbird have previously been involved with another cafe/bar in Todmorden (I think) which I loved! So I had high expectations.

I was not disappointed.

Firstly, I have to say it is beautifully decorated. There is a bare stone wall, free hanging lights, candles and fairy lights all surrounded by light grey pained walls and rustic looking wooden tables. It is gorgeous. Which is a good first impression for anyone walking in.

We had booked before arriving, and there was a table ready and waiting for our enterance. However, it was right in the middle of the little restaurant and I felt a bit exposed. We asked if it would be possible to move, and the staff couldn't have been nicer, placing us on a much nicer table.

Blackbird Drinks

We started the night by ordering a ginger cosmopolitan each, but with 'weak ginger' as we were both a bit intimidated. It was so yummy. I'm not usually the biggest fan of cosmos but this was fruity, sweet and delightful. Plus it was quite strong. One was definitely enough for me. So then we turned to wine, which is usually a messy affair for me and Philippa. But this time was different, we were (kind of) mature adults about it all. The pinot was lovely, and went well with the food we picked.


We decided to play it fairly safe on our food choices, as we were tapas newbies. So we picked spicy tomato garlic bread, olives with bread and dipping oils, meatballs and sausage stew. The tomato garlic bread arrived first, by which time we were starving. Our table wasn't booked until 8 so it had been a while since I last ate. We were so excited we dived in, then I remembered to take a picture. Doh.

It was beautifully spiced, with the garlic not being too over powering. Plus it was warm, it went down really well. Next arrived the bread and dipping oils and the sausage stew. The bread was also warm, and the oil had vinigar at the bottom. The vinigar was quite hard to reach which was a little dissapointing but never mind. The sausage stew had chipolata sauage, yorkshire chorizo and a variety of beans in it. This was my favourite dish as it was spicy but full of flavour, and super filling which I didn't expect from tapas.

Finally, the meatballs came. After the spicy sausage dish, the meatballs were dressed in a really refreshing sauce. It was tomato-y but tasted kind of soft and subtle, like I could eat it forever. Plus, the meatballs were massive! They were juicy and meaty and everything I want from meatballs.

Overall, the whole experience was lovely. It all came to £49.50, which was 4 dishes, two cocktails and a bottle of wine. Not bad! I can't fault the food or the service or the place! I already can't wait for my next visit, where I am planning on taking a sceptical MT. Their website is here if you fancy visiting if you are in West Yorkshire, I really reccommend it.

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