Being busy is addictive


EditedThe last few weeks have been bloomin' mental. I have been on auto-pilot for so long trying to fit into a new/crazy routine. Work started to get a little crazy when we had 80 guests from France and Germany arrive for a super event, and then before I knew it, it was my birthday and then my niece was here and I started uni. All whilst juggling two jobs and trying to see the world in between. I am a self-confessed couch potato. I do not like getting out of bed, ever. I am super lazy and I promise I am not saying this to be really annoying and fish for compliments because trust me - they aint comin'. Everyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I am lazy. So the fact my life has been so crammed full of stuff is just a little bit out of character. No Saturday lie in - how am I still walking? But I am really surprised in myself, I have weirdly being enjoying it. I mean it has been hard because I have barely seen MT in weeks, and I have some serious catching up to do with my friends, but I don't feel like I am suffocating like I sometimes do when I am super busy. I feel in control, like I am on the brink of summin special. I like it. I feel grown up. Think it will last? I'm not sure.

It has been nice to be so busy that I haven't had time to over think. I live kind of inside my head, I get emotional a lot, and poor MT gets his ear chewed of on a regular basis. obviously in the metaphorical sense, not literally. That would be weird. But it has been lovely to just live life, not think about living it.

What has surprised me most of all is the fact that this weekend I had no plans. I sat in my PJs, I watched a hell of a lot of YouTube and ate my weight in junk food. But I got major cabin fever. I kept looking out of the window wanting to go out and do something. I wanted to make plans and see what everyone outside was doing. It was strange. It was an alien feeling.

So, does this mean that being busy is addictive? Or was it just a fluke?

Well, I will soon find out because as of now my schedule is about to get cray-zay again.

Do you enjoy being busy?

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