Animals, minis and a whole lot of drama

PicMonkey Collage So I briefly mentioned in my Wednesday Favourites post this week that I had had a good week up until Monday, and I thought I would write a post about how my perfect little bank holiday went from good to horrific.

A little dramatic I hear you say? Bare with me.

Monday morning started with an early start. Early and very hungover, oooops. I dragged myself out of bed, put on my comfiest dress and way too much eyeliner to cover my red swolled eyes. I replaced my dressing gown and tumbled out into MTs 'rents car, I just wasn't ready to not be snuggly just yet. We then made the hour and a half long journey to CHESTER ZOO!!!!

I love the zoo, and it was well work the journey. I had never actually been to Chester zoo, but it was incredible. I lived very close to Dudley zoo as a child, so really I shouldn't get myself into the excited state I do but never mind.

We had the best day ever! The weather was spot on, the animals were all so happy and cute and I ate all the picnic food. Bliss. I would so recommed this zoo, the staff seemed to be doing a top notch job and aside from one lonely looking lion, I couldn't fault the animal welfair. My personal favourite were the otters, but that may be due to my love of otter facts and because they looked to smile at me. However, the nosey meerkats and the baby monkeys were the other highlights of the day. And the giraffes are a must see, especially the new addition to the family.

But the way home it all went wrong. *Cue dramatic music*.

Somewhere on the M62 (I think) we had a massive accident. A mini happened to be travelling too fast and too close to a van, which it happened to hit, and then it happened to spin out of controll and hit us, who then happened to end up somewhere the other side of the hard shoulder on some embankment. Jeeze, it was a dramatic 30 seconds.

Anyway, I am happy to report that somehow everyone walked away without any serious injuries. Which is pretty spectacular considering 3 cars were written off and it was on a busy motorway on a busy bank holiday. Everyone in the car I was travelling in has come out of it with whiplash, including myself. A fate I am somewhat happy with, considering I was told 10 years ago no one would have survived (my faith is now restored in technology).

One point I do want to make to everyone, without sounding too much like a gabbering Grandma, is NOT to speed and DON'T travel too close to other cars. Take your time, what is the rush? Just calm down. I think we all get a bit carried away in this need for speed and this immediate gratification, but there isn't a need. Luckily I am still alive, but I can easily see how so many people die on the roads and sometimes it can be avoided. So just think about what you are doing first.

p.s. Chester Zoo is a definiate must see, I hope I didn't put you off.

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