All I want for Christmas is...


Harrie Harb gift guide 2015This is maybe one of the latest blog gift guides of the season. But better late then never, and you can still order this stuff in time for Christmas so really it isn't late at all if you think about it.

I wasn't going to do a gift guide but to be honest, it is more of a help for MT then anyone. He has been asking me for a long time what I want for Christmas and all I have said is Olympus Pen, Olympus Pen, Olympus Pen. It got to be a bit of a boring joke, as obviously I would never ask for something that expensive as a present, and obviously he would never spend that much on me. Crazy.

But I was saying it because I didn't really know what I want. I find it really hard to decide on presents for a few reasons. Firstly, because I like a surprise and when you tell someone exactly what you want then you may as well have got yourself the present because where's the fun? Also, I don't really enjoy having one present as a gift because I like to open wrapping paper. Honestly, I would prefer a few cheaper items than one big one because it means you have more to open. I don't think I can be alone in that feeling either...

So here is my personal wish list. But I also think it is a really good gift guide if you are shopping for someone like me. An early 20's girly girl, who wants practical things that still look good. Maybe it isn't only a gift guide either, maybe if you are stuck what to ask santa for then this will give you some inspiration!

Hope you like it.

Christmas Gift Guide - Early 20s girl

1. Remington Pro Air Shine Hair Drier - £29.99 2. Maggs London Make Up Bag, The Fair One - £26.99 3. Topshop Blanche Ankle Boot, Grey - £45 4. Benefit REAL Cheek Party Set - £29.50 5. Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Palette - £23.00 6. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette - £65.00 7. Cath Kidston Oxford Rose Wallet - £32.00 8. Zara Basic City Bag - £29.99 9. New Look Snakeskin Loafers - £19.99 10. Coast Sparkle Chain Necklace - £30.00 11. River Island Burgundy Check Blanket Scarf - £22.00

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