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Tips for dealing with worryingI am the definition of a worrier. I worry so much that I end up worrying over the fact I am worrying. It is a downward spiral that really is not good, and at the moment I feel as though my worrying has hit a peak. When I get into these states my stress levels are also very high, and then all of the side effects of that such as my eczema flares up and I get very tired start to happen. I get really short tempered and then I worry that I am snapping at people and then the whole thing starts again. It isn't a fun time.

I don't really know I worry so much, I know that I have a reflective personality (yes I have done the test), and I over think things. But it does get much worse at times, I get so far inside my head that I fail to see the bigger picture. I struggle to see things in perspective.

For example, I can be worried about my career. I can then get so worked up about it in my head, that I fail to see what is really going on. That I am in a position where I have a great job, that is giving me so much experience. I am studying to better myself and I work bloody hard. I worry so much I fail to see that great things are around the corner. And I know they are, I just worry 'what if'.

So here are some tips to deal with your worrying mind if you are like me.

I am sure there are lots of you out there.

1. Talk to someone I find this really difficult because I know that my worries are so ridiculous sometimes. It is scary to voice your worries and concerns when you know they are minor because you are scared the person will laugh or brush them off. However, I have found that in most cases this just won't happen. People are really understanding and caring, and they can offer really great advice. A problem shared is a problem halved, right?

2. Write it down If I find myself not wanting to burden someone with my problem, especially if I know lots of people have lots of things going on in their lives, then I write it down. Sometimes I publish it on here, sometimes not. But I do think that when my brain feels cloudy and murky with all the worries and stress, then writing it down really detoxifies my mind and I can think straight again. It also helps to figure out ways to solve the problems, things often look less scary on paper.

3. Distinguish between reality and imaginary When I am going through a bout of serious worry then I find myself worrying about things that are totally out of my control. Such as where will I be in 10 years time, and will I look back and regret my life choices. These things are not worth worrying about because what will be, will be. So I find it important to figure out why I am worrying and if there is something I can do to stop it, if there is then great I will do that. If not, and it is something out of my control, then I just remind myself that life is a marathon not a sprint, and I can only take one step at a time. 4. Read a book If all else fails, then I turn to literature. There is nothing better to get rid of your stress than escaping into a book. When I was going through one of the hardest times of my life, I picked up Harry Potter. This helped no end, and since then I have always turned to this technique. Just give yourself an hour to get lost in some words, then when you came back to the real world, I always find myself having a new perspective.

I hoped this post helped someone, even if just a little bit.

What are your tips for dealing with worrying?

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