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Hawian Costume ThemeI have had this post sat in my drafts for the whole of this week. I edited the photos as soon as I returned home, but no words followed. To be honest, I don't know how to make it into a glossy, high quality blog post. The photos aren't glossy and well it wasn't that kind of weekend. But, like I have said before, I write this blog first and foremost for me. And well, I want to document this! So I thought I would just write down a few things about my weekend in Chester, because, well it was bloody fun.

Fun in Chester

Girls weekend away Each year around this time, a group of women get together and head off to Chester for the weekend. It started as a birthday celebration, and then I think it was a hen party, and now I am sure it is just a fun time. The thing is, the older you get the less time you get to your self. The less time you get to let loose and have fun, and I think this is why this weekend away becomes such a high point in the calendar. It is a chance to blow off some steam.

And yes, we did blow off some steam.

Like I explained before, this little trip has been happening for years. (This marked my second, some of the ladies have been going for 11 years!). Each year holds a different theme for the fancy dress night, which is the Friday and the 'kick off' for the weekend. This year was Hawaiian, and me and my best friend Philippa tried to think outside the box a little, and created a full pineapple costume. Great idea - highly impracticable. We were walking into everything! Pineapple Costume That evening followed by a limo ride to Chester, where we dropped our bags off at the Mill Hotel, which FYI is beautiful and I would love to go there on a more serious trip, maybe with Matthew! It has a full spa and is just gorgeous.

We then had a few drinks at the bar, followed by a huge Chinese banquet. Yum. Lifestyle - ChesterThe next day is 'T-Shirt Day' where the whole group wear their t-shirts which have been made for them. We also all take the opportunity to go shopping, then eat and drink loads before hitting a few bars to dance the night away.

Philippa actually ended up being lifted up by a man Dirty Dancing style during 'Time of my Life' - hilarious! Jo Malone GiftThen finally, Sunday entailed more food, more drinks, and a little more shopping.

My bank account hurts right now.

We decided to have our last meal in Pizza Express, which obviously I loved! Give me all the pizza, all of the time. And then we returned back to reality, in a party bus of course.

I already cannot wait to go back next year, and I promise next years accounting of the trip will be much better. But I hoped you like this little catch up away! Calabrase Chester Pizza ExpressPizza Express

Have you been away with the girls?

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