A to Z of me!

10436017_925612180798066_8430620556171848456_nAs a new blogger I thought it might be nice for you to get to know me a little better, you know like sharing some of my quirks, hobbies and favourite stories. I'm sure as time goes on you will find out all my embarrassing little secrets, like those cringy stories of underage nights out. As soon as I saw this questionnaire on littlemisskaty's blog, I knew I should try it out. So here you go..

A is for AlbufeiraAlbufeira

This was by far the best holiday I have ever been on. It was also mine and Matthew's first. I loved everything from the main square and cute bars in the 'old' town, to the bright and vibrant 'new' strip. This wa     s the perfect location for a young couple!

B is for Banana 

Ewwww! I hate banana's so much. The smell. The texture. Just yuck!

C is for Cuddles

I am the most cuddly person ever. I love giving cuddles. I love recieving cuddles. A cuddle day is my idea of heaven. Lucky I have a cuddly boyfriend, huh?

D is for Disney

Disney is my life. I have been to Disney Land paris twice, and am planning a trip to Florida as soon as we can afford. I also get excited when I see or hear anything Disney. Is it time to let it go?

E is for Elephant

I got a cute little elephant charm for my 18th off my best friends family. She gave it me with the line 'An elephant never forgets, and you'll never forget out family'.

F is for Food

I am a foodie. I love food. All food (minus coriander and bananas, obvs.) I just want to eat food all day.

G is for GrahamDad

My daddy was the best man in the world, and I couldn't say anything better than that. Although sarcastic, and sometimes rude, he was hilarious and the most caring person.

H is for Harry Potter


I is for Iceland

The country, not the shop haha! It's top of my bucket list of place's I would love to go. Northern lights, geothermic pools, glaciers, cracks in the techtonic plates. OMG geography geek gone wild!

J is for Jaffa Cakes

I can eat a whole box in one sitting, (#sorrynotsorry).

K is for Kodaline

I am really enjoying this band at the moment (by moment I mean the past year).

L is for Lemon

I love the flavour of lemon. You will regularly see me ordering lemonade, eating lemon yoghurts and buying lemon cheesecake. Yum!

M is for MatthewMatthew

Just look at this cutie! He is my rock and best friend. (Sorry for the soppyness)

N is for No

I kinda need to learn that sometimes, occasionally its OK to say no.

O is for Otters

I LOVE otters! I know lots of facts about otters, like the keep their favourite rock in their pouch and sometimes they use it to crack difficult nuts on. Cute AND clever!

P is for PugsBarney

I love pugs. Especially Barney. He is soooo cute! We are currently building up pug merchandise including a pug shopper bag and a pug mug.

Q is for Queen

How cute is the Queen though? Apart from all the horrible consipracy theories, obvs.

R is for Red

My favourite colour. Well, grey is my actual favourite colour, but you can't tell people that, so yeah, red.

S if for Snow

It is currently snowing whilst I am writing this, reminding my how much I enjoy snow. I love watching it from the window, wrapped up in a fluffly blanket wit the fire on. Dreamy.

T is for TicklesTickles

My baby. He may be annoying (Matthew is regularly shouting, and my best friend is a little traumatised by him) but he is adorable and cuddly and fluffly and I can't help but love him.

W is for WinterIce

As much as I pretend that winter is my favourite season, I lie. Other than Christmas and cosy winter clothes I don't have much time for winter. I hate the long, dark days and find that I am the worst version of myself in this miserable season.

X is for Kisses

No, I haven't completely lost my mind. When I see this letter I just think of kisses, I am a total texting slut, I put at least 3 kisses to everyone. Sometimes I have to apologise as I have acciedently sent 20 kisses to my boss, totally inappropriate.

Y is for Yahtzee.

I love this game. Well I love most boardgames, but this is one of my favourites. I only have good memories of this game, from playing with my dad and brother's for nights on end, to having games nights with Matthew and his parents.

Z is for Zebras

I would love to know if they are indeed black with white stripes, or white with black stripes...

Hope you enjoyed that ridiculously long post.

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