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Make Up ShoppingI'm trying to stop spending as much money on make up. Mainly because, well, it was becoming a little bit of a problem and I kind of just came to the realisation that no matter how much beauty items I buy I will never have them all. Well, I could but damn it that would be expensive.

That being said I have picked up a few beauty bits and pieces lately so I thought I would just show them to you and even explain some of the things I have been using.

Topshop Magic LinerTopshop Beauty

I am an eyeliner fiend. Literally, every time I see a liquid liner I just pick it up and buy it. I'm not even sure why anymore because its not like I need them. But I just have to see if they are better than the ones I already own.

This one I picked up because I have seen a few people talk about how black it is and its lasting power. I have really oily eyelids, and they are the BANE of my life. Nothing seems to stick or last any decent amount of time on there, so I tend to use waterproof options now.

I've only used this once, but it stuck around for the whole day at work so I was really impressed. It also created a lovely opaque black line, which I personally love. I need to try this again but if my first impression is anything to go off, then it is set to become a beauty favourite!

Topshop Lip Liner

I love the whole 90's style slighty brown nude lip that is floating around right now, and I had a great nude liner from No.7 that I wore to death. Literally, it fell apart in my hand. So that was the end of that.

Ever since that disaster happened, I have been on the look out for a perfect pinky nude but with a slight bit of that brown nude. Long story short, I thought this would be perfect and so far so good. I have tried it on and it feels creamy and not drying, it doesn't cling to the dry bits of my lips and may be a winner.

Rimmel Match Perfection

Rimmel Match Perfection

I picked this up on a whim, and I have been reaching for it every day since. It has a medium coverage, where I normally go for a full coverage. However I find it lasts like a full coverage foundation. It blends with my skin flawlessly and leaves me looking glowy and healthy.

The only problem is the limited colour selection. I was quite lucky and found a colour that suited me pretty well but I can see it being a problem for some people. Probably me in few weeks once I have a little bit of a tan (wishful thinking).

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer

I have never tried a concealer with its matching foundation. Which doesn't really make sense, because surely that is the best way to get the most flawless and perfected finish. I really don't like the tube because I found it didn't dispense enough product and also, it just looks messy. However, the actual product I find nice. It's bright and highlighting, good for under the eyes.

Rimmel Kate Moss Boho Nude

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in Boho Nude

My final addition to create the perfect brown-y nude lip. I only find this colour really works with a liner underneath because the formula is so creamy. Personally, I just think that with a liner it looks more polished than without and that's more the look I am going for. But of course, like all Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks, it is lovely.

Beauty Bits

Have you picked up anything new lately?

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