8 ways to shake off a bad mood


todayThe last week I feel as though my emotion have been all over the place. I have felt really fed up and I can't explain what the cause of this mood swing has been, as nothing particular has happened to put me in a bad mood. And after a full week of feeling rather down and moody, I want to be more uplifting and positive.

So here are 10 things to put you in a more positive mood. I hope this helps you..

1. Get a coffee A nice coffee, in a nice coffee shop is so underestimated. I honestly think this is such a lovely treat and makes you feel more prepared for life.

2. Walk a little Walking really clears your head. Try to go somewhere nice, like a canal or a national trust walk, because you will be distracted by all the nature and it will stop you over thinking. Plus, exercise is a natural de-stress technique.

3. Have 5 minutes sat down Sometimes being in a bad mood is because you are over working, or over thinking. Just sit down and try not to think about anything for five minutes, it always makes me feel so much better.

4. Get some nice food I get seriously hangry, and the amount of times that just going out to buy myself a nice sandwich, or a slice of cake, or even just a nice breakfast on the way to work, has helped my bad mood is unbelievable. Getting some nice food just stops you thinking of why you are in a bad mood, and having a full belly will cheer you up.

5. Make a list If you are in a bad mood because you have too many things running through your head, or because you are stressed, then I find the best way to get everything out is to write it down. Once I have done a list of what I need to do, or why I am stressed, then I feel so much better and relaxed. Normally by writing it down, it doesn't seem as intimidating.

6. Listen to some music Music is my favourite way to shake of bad feelings. I opt for something upbeat that you can sing your heart out too - unfortunately I don't think my neighbours like this very much. But I put something like Taylor Swift or some 80s cheese, so you are forced to dance round. Before you know it, the bad mood has gone.

7. Do your hair and get dressed I always want to stay in bed when I am in a bad mood, I don't want to do anything at all. But when I have to get up and do my hair and make up, I always feel better. I enjoy doing my hair and make up so that is probably why, but also taking the time to stop worrying about anything and just concentrating on something vain really clears my thoughts and makes me feel more ready to tackle the day.

10. Take a moment to think about something you are grateful for Bad moods can consume you, like take over and make everything seem grey and horrible. But looking at life in relative terms helps to put your problem into perspective. Like maybe thing, yes my train is super delayed and its cold, but on the bright side I can have a cup of tea and a bath when I get home. Or if I do this really hard assignment now, then I can have a bar of chocolate and a Hills marathon later..

What do you do to get out of a bad mood?

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